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Convention Tuesdays: Rocket City Gamefest 2022 (Cancelled)

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January 21-23 — Rocket City Gamefest — Huntsville, Alabama (Cancelled)

It is with a heavy heart filled with disappointment that I announce that Rocket City Gamefest 2022 is Canceled.

After selling out of space in 2019 and 2020 we were excited to move to a larger venue for 2021, allowing us expand our convention to include RPGs and other exciting events, while still giving our attendees the great convention experience, they had come to expect. Unfortunately, Covid 19 happened and we were unable to safely host the event. While our new hotel was gracious to work with us on the cancellation, the cancellation still had a negative financial impact on the convention. Although we were disappointed not to be able to host Gamefest in 2021, we quickly turned our attention to making the 2022 Gamefest bigger and better than ever.

Unfortunately, we find ourselves in back in the middle of a new Covid-19 crisis. We have been observing how other conventions are dealing with the current crisis. From cancellations, attendance limitations, mask requirements, proof of vaccination requirements and other various solutions, events are having to figure out if and how to go forward. The varied opinions expressed by members of the gaming community in regards to masking or vaccine requirements, lead us to believe that whatever steps we take to insure a safe, well attended event, will be insufficient for some and too draconian for others.

With the risk Gamefest has taken in moving to a bigger venue, a poorly or moderately attended event will result in financial disaster for the convention and the people who run it. As such, we see no other option than to cancel for 2022. We know that this will disappoint many people and we are sorry to be unable to provide you the event you anticipated. Please keep in mind that Rocket City Gamefest is run by gamers just like you, people dealing with the stress of Covid and related life and career changes, people who have put their heart into creating and running the convention. We ask for a little grace, if possible, as we face bitter disappointment ourselves.

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