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Is Poor Accessibility Hurting Your Online Business?

Whether you run a micro-business from the comfort of your bedroom office, or you operate a mighty enterprise that spans the globe via the online world, digital accessibility is an essential concept to nurture.

Making your brand available to everyone, no matter their personal situation should be among your top priorities as an industrious business owner.

Poor accessibility rates can hold your business back in a number of ways that may not become apparent until it is too late.

Here are some important points to consider regarding online accessibility and what you can do to improve your own business.


Content Effectiveness

Any online content you create can be optimized to achieve the best possible results in any given scenario, whether this is social media posts, product descriptions, or how-to videos.

A lack of accessibility can provide a barrier between your content and your customer, particularly if you have not put any measures in place to ensure otherwise.

If customers cannot fully engage with your content because of accessibility barriers, you are essentially reducing its effectiveness.

To get the most out of your content and generally make your online presence a much more inclusive one, utilizing specialized tools can be highly advantageous.

For example, reliable automated transcription software for multimedia is a prime example of how to bolster your content engagement levels and support those who are deaf or hard of hearing at the same time.


Profit Margins

An article in Forbes highlights the issue of digital accessibility in today’s world, claiming that retailers will lose $828 million as a result of inaccessible websites.

This is a particularly telling and worrying prospect, particularly with Christmas coming up. Losing out on this custom can be devastating for small businesses, but more importantly, it excludes people from enjoying your products and services.

Developing an accessible website should be among your first priorities as an online business, as it is the medium through which your entrepreneurial efforts are made possible in the first place.

It is the right way to go, not only as a profitable business looking to extend its reach but out of moral necessity.


Supporting Your Employees

Accessibility is important for your customers and your employees, which in turn affects the entirety of your business.

Employees that have a hard time carrying out their responsibilities due to a lack of accessibility are hardly going to have the most enjoyable time at work, and this also reduces productivity across the board.

An inclusive workplace is one that provides employees the tools they need to thrive, not a toxic one that holds them back and traps them in a poor infrastructure.



If you develop a name for yourself as a brand that cares little for accessibility, you may have to think about waving goodbye to any sort of decent reputation.

Digital accessibility is not only a legal requirement in a huge number of places, but it is to be expected by many modern consumers.

The online world should be for everyone, and vigilant, caring, and socially conscious business owners just like you can make that happen.

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