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Day Trading For Beginners: Things You Should Know

Day trading is a term used to explain selling and buying in a single trading day or many times in one single day. Day traders will trade multiple assets in one day because they benefit from small market movements.

Only experts working in financial institutions or brokerages and trading houses used to carry out trading before online day trading. With online trading houses, anyone with a well-thought-out strategy can do it.

Where Day Trading Takes Place

Day trading takes place in markets that will close at established times. These include shares, indices, forex, and cryptocurrencies. However, this does not mean that day trading cannot occur in markets that run for 24 hours or open for almost 24 hours. As a day trader, what matters is that you can trade based on your budget and the amount of time you intend to spend on trading.

Keep up with new information and news about the markets and factors that affect the markets to make fast decisions to succeed in day trading. This ability to make quick decisions will allow you to make many buying and selling transactions which yield many small profits which add up.


Day Trading Strategies

Day trading is a trading style with which you can use different strategies. Some of the most used approaches include:

  • Trend trading is buying and selling based on the trends of asset prices. Trend trading is not an exclusive day trading strategy, but you can use it if you buy your assets during the day and sell them before the day ends. One of the best ways is to take advantage of forex market hours and find what trading hours work best for you.
  • Swing trading takes advantage of price patterns that change during the short term. Day traders using this strategy will look for small changes before time and buy and sell to make money from the more minor market changes.
  • Scalping is taking small profits often, focusing on keeping profits and not suffering any losses. The aim is to build small profits by buying and selling less frequently and letting the profits run.
  • Mean reversion works by analyzing moving averages and historical averages. They then focus on trading with assets whose moving averages have recently differed from their historical average. Profits are made when the assets are returning to their typical trajectory shown by their historical average.
  • Money flows use indicators to check if an asset has been oversold or overbought by price and volume. The day trader will compare the previous day’s trades to tell if they were profitable or not. If the asset is overbought, the day trader will sell, while if it was oversold, it is time to buy.

How To Begin Day Trading

When you want to start, you begin by choosing what assets you will trade in. Look out for the hours of operations for the markets and how fast you can begin buying and selling. Trading for more hours will enable you to maximize on carrying out as many transactions as you can. The next thing is to create a plan. Your plan should be realistic and guide you on the strategy you will enter and exit the market. Your plan can be driven by fundamental analysis. The analysis will be based on company reports, breaking news, and how the markets perform based on announcements.

You can also use technical analysis by looking at historical data, market indicators and charts, and graphs. Determine your risk management strategy to minimize losses. You can use risk management apps that help reduce the risk of losses.

The final thing is to open your first position, which can be long or short. You buy an asset if you think it will rise and sell if you think it will decline. Close your trades. As a beginner, keep track of all your successful and unsuccessful trades so that you can examine what you did right and what you can improve on.


Last Word

As a beginner, it is possible to make profits while day trading. However, if you make losses in the process of learning and refining your strategies, don’t give up but keep learning. Take advantage of all resources you can get your hands on, both from online sources and from books, to get as much information as you can. With time, you will learn the strategies that make you most profitable.

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