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Are Shock Collars Good For German Shepherds?

Adopting new technology can always be confusing, especially when it comes to one’s pet. The best shock collar for German Shepherd dogs is one of these technologies. In this article, we will provide you with details about whether shock collars are good or bad for dogs, especially German Shepherds. 



Shock collars (also known as e-collars, remote training collars, or electronic collars) is modern device that transmits and delivers electrical signals. A radio-controlled electronic device transmits these signals, the duration, and intensity of which can be varied.

E-collars are being used worldwide by dog owners and dog trainers to achieve a variety of goals. Be it for training a dog for home or the field, shock collars are making it easier to train the dogs. 



German Shepherds originated in Germany and are medium to large-sized working dogs. These dogs are admired worldwide due to their peculiar looks and abilities. Their life span is usually about 9 to 13 years. 

Dog owners, especially those of German Shepherds’, are often worried about the use of shock collars for their dogs. As the safety of the dog’s life is dear to every dog owner or trainer, they are keen to confirm whether shock collars are good or bad for German Shepherds. 

Shock collars are good for German Shepherds as long as they are used correctly. Using a shock collar only when needed and with the right intensity is essential for keeping your dog safe. 

When used extensively and aggressively (with high intensity), e-collars can leave long-term negative physical and psychological effects on German Shepherds.



Despite being a technological advancement and a training tool, shock collars also have negative side effects or demerits. 

The Fear of getting hurt

Dogs are known for being fearless and brave. But how about when this quality isn’t there anymore? Getting unexpected shocks from the shock collars develops a fear in the dogs, rendering them afraid. This fear will have long-term psychological impacts on the dog. 

The use of Shock

Watching a dog in pain by the shock is unbearable for some dog owners. Moreover, some people take it as animal abuse. Many people prefer positive rewards over negative feedback. 

Physical irritation

Leaving an e-collar for long periods can damage the hair, muscles, and blood vessels of the neck. The Humane Society of the United States recommends not to leave the collar on for long periods. 

Excessive Shocks 

Automatic bark collars now available in the markets deliver automated shocks too often or unintentionally. This can confuse the dog about what to do and what not to do. It can also give the signal of a problem that wasn’t even a problem. 


CONCLUSION  is an effective training site for dogs and are being used worldwide. They can also be used on German Shepherds, but the intensity of the shock and its duration should be regulated strictly. Poorly controlled e-collars impart long-term negative effects on the dogs. 

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