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How To Support Your Family As A Single Parent

If you are a single parent, it is vital to make sure to support your family comfortably. You can do a few things to make sure that your family has adequate housing and you can still provide healthcare and entertainment options. Taking a good look at your budget and how you manage your time will give you an idea of what you can currently do and what you can change to maximize ways to increase your income and still spend time with your family.

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Budget Well

Budgeting well is vital for your bills and any potential savings. You are also setting an excellent example for your family when you budget efficiently.

A single parent should be sure to budget for health co-pays, rainy day savings, and car maintenance. While these items don’t happen every month, it is essential to put money in a savings account and other monthly or annual expenses, so you don’t get behind when something pops up!


Put Your Bills on Auto-Pay

If you are the only one bringing in an income for your family, consider putting your bills on auto-pay. Auto-pay means that you don’t have to spend extra time each month to pay bills, and you also don’t have to keep a schedule to remember when to pay them. Auto-pay also means that you are less likely to forget to pay a bill on time.


Search for Additional Income

There are many places where you can find additional income to help with bills. For example, you can add on part-time hours with an at-home job, so you don’t have to hire a babysitter. In addition, if you take on the hours after your family is asleep, you don’t have to worry about doing two things simultaneously.

Also, you can hire a child support attorney if you don’t already have a child support arrangement. Child support can help you pay for bills and other expenses for your child(ren).


Save Time

Saving time doing things that others can do will give you more time to earn money and spend time with your family. Saving time may also require you to build a support system, so you have people you can rely on when you need to pull an extra shift at work, or you need to get up early for your part-time gig. Starting a support system with other single parents may allow you to make a schedule where some of your duties as a parent are taken over for an evening, so you can get other things done.

You could also join a carpool or have your kids join a carpool, so you don’t have to drive every day. This will allow you to get some work done as you get a ride to school or ride along with someone else to work.


Set Up a Monthly and Weekly Cleaning Schedule

A dirty home can make it hard to focus on making money. So instead, consider regularly cleaning so your environment keeps you positive and productive. There are different categories for cleaning, so your home stays clean, and you can utilize as little time as possible.

Daily cleaning involves cleaning dishes, making beds, and wiping down sinks and toilets. Your home can stay clean and ready for guests every day of the week just by picking them up here and there. Also, give your family members chores and help them see cleaning as a good thing and something they love to do, which will also help them later in life.

Weekly cleaning duties include cleaning the floors, laundry, and cleaning the car. The bathrooms should also have a deeper clean.

Monthly cleaning projects to include in your schedule are the fridge, washing out the dishwasher, steam cleaning any areas or mattresses if needed, and washing curtains or furnishings to control dust mites.


Plan a Menu

A menu for the week will help you spend less time at the grocery store and less time making meals. You won’t have to decide what you should make every day. Also, set an alarm at night to take food out of the freezer for the next day when needed, so food will take less time to cook.

If you want to be comfortable financially as a single parent, use these ideas to give you more time to make more money. Starting your own business or taking on a side job can help you get to a more comfortable level financially and may also give you more quality time with your family.

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