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Animation Monday: A Future Begins – A Short Film Supporting Farmers

Welcome to the Animation Monday segment!  Each week here on Geek Alabama, Animation Monday will feature stuff from the animation and cartoon worlds.  Animation has become an extremely popular format in today’s media driven world.  And we here at Geek Alabama love to feature animation content!

A Short Film Supporting the Next Generation of Farmers with Music by Kacey Musgraves.

By supporting programs like seed grants, scholarships, and long term contracts, Chipotle is helping the next generation of farmers overcome modern day barriers to make it possible for them to succeed.

Chipotle believes there is a deep connection between how food is raised, grown, and prepared and how it tastes. Which is why we’re committed to ensuring the future of real food.

Add your name to join the movement to help transfer 1 million acres of farmland to young farmers across the US at

Enjoy the short film and the behind the scenes below!

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