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Flaunt Your Tea Knowledge With The Wholesome Guide To The Best Herbal Tea!

Can you guess which drink is the most popular beverage after water? It’s tea!  For this reason, the Australian tea companies are bringing more variants of your favorite tea that you love and might as well be waiting to brew it after finishing this blog! 

In fact, in 2020, global consumption of tea amounted to about 6.3 billion kilograms! which is the highest record of any beverage sold other than water. 

Tea comes in several varieties with endless flavors, aromas, and histories. Today let’s understand the significance of the beloved brewed tea worldwide. The infamous black tea!


  • Black tea leaves go through an intense process of oxidation. 
  • The leaves are then harvested and withered which helps to reduce the moisture in the tea leaves.
  • The leaves of the tea are rolled by hand or using a machine to ensure that the enzymes in the tea interact with the oxygen. 
  • The leaves are then spread onto large trays so that they can interact with the oxygen, which turns it black. 
  • Before packing them for sale, the final black tea leaves are fired in the oven to stop the oxidation.


Types of Black tea:


Chinese Black Tea: The Keemun Tea, grown in the Anhui province, tastes similar to wine, hints of pine, and tobacco in terms of its flavors. 

Ceylon Black Tea: The Sri Lankan black tea has a strong and rich flavor with hints of chocolates and spices. 

Indian Black Tea: Saving the best for the last, is the Indian black teas vary from malty to floral. The Asam region produces a bold malty tea flavor, similar to chocolate with a brinks finish, while Darjeeling and Nilgiri Black tea are more delicate with fruity and floral flavors. 



The caffeine content depends on the soil content, climate, and elevation of the tea plant. The flavored and blended teas with spices and herbs have less caffeine content than pure black tea. 


Health Benefits of Consuming Black tea:

Black tea comes with a ton of benefits despite going through a heavy fermentation process.

Protector of the Heart Health: Black tea with herbs has moderate caffeine, which is good for heart health. Black tea can help to lower bad cholesterol and lowers the risk of developing any heart disease.

Helps in Weight Loss: Black tea boosts metabolism and lowers the gut bacteria associated with obesity. The study conducted in 2014 also showed that participants experienced weight loss over three months.

Boosts the Memory: The caffeine present in the black tea boosts energy throughout the day and increases the blood flow to the brain, making you feel more alert and focused.



Whether you want it for yourself or your business, choose the best Australian Tea Companies that can customize the mix for you and deliver a gourmet loose leaf range of teas that will provide a pure and fresh brew every time.

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