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The Best Sculptures Geeks Have Made With Scrap Metal

When you give a crafty geek some scrap metal, there’s no telling what they’ll end up creating. All around the country, geek artists are notorious for their scrap metal sculpting. They’re just what the world of art needs right now, too. According to Sotheby’s, art trends are set to change in 2021. There’s going to be a greater emphasis on ‘presenting art in unique and innovative locations outside of the establishment.

In other words, people have grown tired of the typical art gallery environment. That’s where exciting exhibits for scrap metal sculptures come into play. Here are some of the best geek scrap metal sculptures found from around the nation.

Athlete Art Made of Junk in Daphne, Alabama

Motorists passing by the United States Sports Academy in Daphne may notice something unusual. There are ten sculptures of athletes  made entirely out of junk. Artist Bruce Larsen used anything and everything to create these metal athletes. ‘Borzov the Sprinter’, for example, sports a motorcycle wheel for its head. Other sculptures use parts from rusty propane tanks, drainage pipes, grates, gears, and more.

In true geek fashion, Larsen was inspired after seeing the movie ‘Alien’ at 20 years old. Larsen swore then that he would go on to enjoy a lucrative career designing movie monsters. In the 80s, he would take on a brief stint of painting fantasy images on surfboards. Afterward, Larsen would move to Alabama, where he would create his famous scrap metal athletes.


Scrap Metal Hulk Sculpture

The art studio Ban Hun Lek created a stunning recreation of the Hulk from the Avengers series. At first glance, it seems nearly impossible that the hulking behemoth is crafted from scrap metal. The studio loves to create metal sculptures of other icons from pop culture. Their creations include the Predator, Star Wars characters, and the Xenomorph from Alien.


The Aliens Motorcycle

This incredibly unique motorcycle features sleek metal embossing. 54-year-old Thai artist Roongrojna Sangwongprisarn created this gem entirely by himself. He took a lot of influence from the Alien franchise for his design. He was able to use metal embossing to create the intricate patterns on the front of the motorcycle.

Embossing machines allow users to create brilliant patterns on metal and other textures. These machines are pretty intricate, primarily when used on metal, which is why sculptors need to master preventing embossing machine malfunctions. Common challenges include blurred text, uneven graphics, and faint patterns. This guide covers how to solve all these embossing issues.



A Chinese sculptor by the name of ‘steel legend’ has created an army of life-sized Transformers. They’re made entirely from scrap metal, and they’re an impressive sight to behold. Characters that he’s replicated include Bumblebee, Optimus Prime, Megatron, and more. He achieves a staggering amount of detail for each scrap metal transformer. They each feature LED glowing eyes, complete paint jobs, and a ton of accessories.

Geeks are always coming up with new ways to recreate their favorite pop culture characters. Scrap metal sculpting is a long-celebrated art form that continues to impress. Moreover, interactive art displays such as scrap metal sculptures seem to be the way of the future for the world of art.

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