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Different Ways To Prevent The Corrosion Of Metal

Metal corrosion is a common issue when working in construction or another industrial setting. However, not treating it and finding ways to prevent corrosion on metal is more important than replacing corroded metal. Not only is it essential to prevent corrosion, but rust can ruin equipment and supplies. Here’s our guide on the different ways to prevent the corrosion of metal.

Different Ways To Prevent the Corrosion of Metal

Choose a Metal That Resists Corrosion

The first thing to consider when trying corrosion-prevention methods is picking a metal that can combat corrosion build-up. Here are a few types to consider.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is a great choice since it prevents corrosion and the material’s durable and flexible. However, stainless steel contains iron that can rust when oxidizing starts. Although, with enough chromium built-in, they are more resistant to corrosion and become better to use. The corrosion resistance comes from the protective chromium oxide layer that lays on the stainless steel surface.


Aluminum doesn’t contain any iron that will rust. In addition, the protective oxide layer builds a barrier to prevent corrosion when aluminum comes into contact with moisture. Having this layer makes aluminum a second favorite option.

The Red Metal Family

The red metal family consists of copper, bronze, and brass. These three metals have little to no trace of iron. Thus, the materials don’t rust. When copper oxidizes, it presents a greenish patina that’s not appealing to the eyes. However, this protective layer prevents the copper from corroding.


Control Your Environment

Another tip to help you prevent corrosion is to control the environment around the parts. That way, you won’t need to spend too much time dealing with post-manufacturing steps when using the part. You can control your environment and prevent oxygen and chlorine from interacting and creating oxidation on metal by setting barriers and changing their placement.


Apply a Coating

You can prevent corrosion build-up by applying a special coating since air, moisture, and other substances are criminal to your metal. An anti-corrosion or sacrificial coating can help improve the quality and longevity of the metal.

For instance, you help protect the surface areas when applying an anti-corrosion coating. In addition, applying anti-corrosion coating is a cheaper way to prevent corrosion. Another way to prevent corrosion is by placing a sacrificial coating over the metal.

A sacrificial coating is a solution to preventing corrosion; however, it’s not permanent. The sacrificial coding acts as a barrier that allows corrosion to hit and cause it to build up over time, but it helps protect the main surface.

All in all, there are a few different ways to prevent the corrosion of metal. As you improve your metalwork, it’s crucial to polish your metal daily to help prevent the onset of oxidation that turns metal into rust. Before you begin work, ensure that you check and take care of your metals to prevent corrosion.

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