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Answered! The Most Frequently Asked Questions About Business Contracts And Lawyers

It’s important to protect yourself and your business, whether you are starting your own business or you currently have one. The written agreements or business contracts help you easily navigate through business decisions. 

What do business lawyers do?

Vancouver’s efficient and good business lawyers have extensive experience in drafting, enforcing, and litigating business agreements and contracts. The experienced team of business lawyers can help you enforce the contract or perhaps defend the contractual claims.


What is the importance of business contracts?

  • Contracts outline the expectation and protect both business parties.
  • If any party fails to meet those legal expectations, the lawyer can help the latter get the required compensation.
  • Whether you are starting or you’re about to sell off your business, contracts in the business operations help you stay afloat of any unwanted contingency that might leave you bankrupt. 
  • The contracts and agreements also help deal with vendors, employees, investors, customers, and other third parties. 
  • Contracts can easily sail you through complex business situations that arise suddenly, whether products, professional service, or lease equipment. 

What is business litigation? 

Business litigation means litigation of controversies in Court that arises from commercial and business relationships. It could be customers, clients, debtors, creditors, suppliers, vendors, directors, members, financers, shareholders, directors, advisers, employees, or third parties. 

The disputes are often based upon contracts, misrepresentations, fraud, or any other disagreement. Litigation is a widely dynamic process that involves many complex decisions and considerations.


Can the business disputes be settled outside of the Court?

  • Business disputes can be settled informally by the Parties at any time.
  • Most cases are set in the formal arrangement so that the parties can informally discuss settlement before trial. 
  • Instances like shareholder derivative litigation require the Court’s approval by rule even if they are mutually settled.
  • A good business lawyer in Vancouver helps in settlement and proper documentation for the protection of the business.


Do you need a Business Attorney, or can you settle this dispute on your own?

  • In the cases where the case goes to litigation, the business must consult the attorney as soon as possible. 
  • During litigation, several steps should be taken to protect the interests of the business while preparing the anticipated litigation. 
  • If you have already seen the chances of litigation of a dispute, it might certainly create legal obligations for the business and mount up additional liability. 
  • An attorney’s guide and legal advice in dispute cases can help develop an overview of the legal rights for both parties. The attorney can also provide a cost-benefit analysis of settlement, litigation, or other alternative dispute resolutions. 
  • Many businesses who try to resolve the business matters themselves end up paying more on attorney’s fees after they have created or complicated their legal issues unnecessarily.
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