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10 Party Activities For Your Next Summer Party

With summer approaching, and the pandemic approaching its end, there are going to be a lot of parties. It is important to have a lot of fun activities for everyone to enjoy at your summer party. Here are 10 suggestions for fun party activities that you can have at your parties this summer.


1. Cornhole

Cornhole is a fun game that can be played all summer long. You need two boards as well as eight bags to throw at the boards. The aim of the game is to throw the bags and land them in the hole in the board. The first team to get exactly to 21 is the winner. This game can be played by anyone, and is a really fun game to play out in the sun because it does not require much movement.


2. Slip N’ Slide

A slip n’ slide is a great activity to have available at a party. Summer parties are often during the day and it can get very hot depending on where the party is. Having a slip n’ side available to everyone is a great way to let them cool down. The kids at the party will love using this, and the adults might even join in on it too. If you cannot have a slip n’ slide at your party, I would recommend setting up a sprinkler. A sprinkler is another option for kids to cool off and have fun playing with some water.


3. Water Balloon Fight

A water balloon fight is a great activity to have at a summer party, especially if there are kids present. In order to do so, you will need to buy water balloons and fill them with water. This could be fun for the kids to throw water balloons at each other, and maybe their parents. This is another fun way for everyone at the party to cool off from the heat.


4. Tug of War

Tug of war is a fun game that both the parents and kids can get involved in. This is more of a competitive game that will require everyone involved to get a little sweaty. In order to play this, you will need a rope and a couple of people on each team. It may not be a casual activity for everyone to do, but it might be good to have it at a party in case everyone would like to do it.


5. Spikeball

Spikeball is a fun game that has become very popular recently. It is a game for kids to play, but adults can join in too if they feel up to it. You have to move around quite a bit to play this game, so you might sweat a little. You will need to go and buy the net and ball to play this game. This link will show you what materials are needed to play Spikeball.


6. Kan Jam

Kan Jam is another fun game that can be played by anyone at your party. It is a fun game that is played by four people. The goal of the game is to throw a frisbee at a barrel, and your partner must hit the frisbee to score points. This game also requires a special set of materials needed, and you may want to go out and buy them before your next party.


7. Ladder Ball

Ladder ball is a fun game that is not played a whole lot but is fun for the kids at summer parties. To win the game you must throw a pair of golf balls that are attached with a string at a ladder, and get them to stick and stay on the ladder. This might not be a bad game to buy before your next summer party.


8. Whiffle Ball

This is a classic backyard game that can be played. You just need a ball and a bat, and all of the kids at your summer party will be entertained. There are specific types of balls and bats that you can buy, but it is not necessary if you have the basic equipment already.


9. Basketball

If you have a ball and a hoop, everyone at your party can play. Whether it is around the world, horse, or a normal game of basketball, everyone can enjoy a casual game of basketball at a summer party.


10. Tarot Card Readings

Tarot card readings could be fun, especially if you have someone that is familiar with reading tarot cards. There are many tarot card meanings and spreads, so it could be fun to see what everyone’s readings are.



All of these activities are great for a summer party and should be considered before you throw your next summer party.

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