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8 Essential Tips To Take Care Of Bedridden Elderly At Home

While growing up is inevitable, it comes with a series of baggage that humans cannot escape. There are various illnesses, infections, and diseases associated with old age. This is not surprising as the immune system has become weak over the years. As a result, fighting disease and infection might not be as strong and effective as before.

As a result, many elders find themselves bedridden when they don’t respond well to treatments. Elders in this state need optimum care and assistance to make them comfortable.

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The job of a caregiver in itself is stressful. However, when the patient is bedridden, it becomes challenging to make life comfortable for such. Here are proven tips that can guide you towards the care of a bedridden elder in your home:


Change their Bedsheet Regularly

A bedridden senior spends a large percentage of their day in bed. As a result, their bedsheet will get soiled at a high rate. It could get soiled with food particles, dirt, and others.

As a result, regular changing of the bedsheet and pillowcase is pretty essential. Try and change it once every two or three days to maintain optimum hygiene. A bedridden senior already have a low immune system. The least you can do is ensure their atmosphere is clean and tidy to avoid further complications.


Stock up on Adult Diapers

It is embarrassing for seniors to wet themselves. However, when they get to a certain age, they might lose control of their bladder functions. Yet, you might not always be available to help them to the bathroom.

Night diapers for adults and absorbent underwear can be of great help, especially when there is no company around and they need to use the restroom.


Get Them Talking

Regular conversation with the bedridden senior is essential. It is vital for their mental health and will also direct you on the assistance you assist them.

Conversation with them will go a long way to keep their memory sharp and their mind active. Discuss the weather, their favorite movie, talk about the best place to visit, and sing to them. Show them pictures of your favorite place. It will help keep them calm.


Care for their Lung and Chest is Important

A bedridden senior lacks physical activity. It could increase the chances of fluid accumulation in their lungs or chest. If this is left uncared for, there is a massive tendency for pneumonia or other infection.

Ensure you change their position and posture several times a day. Also, if possible, ensure they sit up straight once in a while. Please provide them with the needed support as directed by the doctor.


Good Ambience is Essential

A bedridden elder is already in much physical pain and discomfort due to the lack of mobility. The ailment or pain might cause them additional discomfort due to the disease.

However,  part of what you can do to lessen their discomfort is to provide them with a clean, cheerful, and hygienic atmosphere. Ensure their surroundings enjoy optimum light based on their requirement with all necessities by their bedside. Ventilation is essential without subjecting them to cold and keeping noise level minimal.

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Nutrition Should be perfect.

Healthy eating is essential, and critical especially in sick and recovering patients. Discuss with the doctor for recommendations on food and supplements. In addition, the following can help:

  • Ensure the diet is balanced and track nutrients and calories. This is essential to their health.
  • They might prefer small snacks spread throughout the day rather than one huge meal. Ensure there is a provision for this.
  • Let them have access to water and other non-sugary drinks. It is essential to keep them hydrated throughout the day.
  • Keep tabs on eating habits and have a journal for it, if possible. This data can be helpful to doctors or when next you discover any unusual eating habits.

Be careful in your choice of food as it might interact with the medications. For instance, vegetables with excessive vitamin K content like spinach and broccoli might affect some blood-thinners such as warfarin. As a result, caregivers need to know the healthy foods recommended which should be avoided.


Trim their Nails

Ensure the nail doesn’t get too long or jagged as it presents a series of health risks. Since the bedridden senior already has low immunity, keeping long nails will complicate matters.

Long nails present the perfect atmosphere for dirt and bacteria. This could transfer to their body when they scratch themselves, setting the grounds for infection. Ensure to use a pair of nail clippers to file it and keep it trimmed in a smooth shape. Trimming their nails will also ensure they do not accidentally wound or give themselves bruises.


Take care of Basic Hygiene.

A bedridden adult has already lost some basic and straightforward hygiene tasks. As a result, they might need help with bathing, dental care, etc. You need to ensure they can easily accomplish this task.

For bedridden elders that can bathe themselves, help them with a shower chair or give them a sponge bath. This basic hygiene will go a long way to keep them healthy.

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While caring for a bedridden elder can be tedious and overwhelming, one needs to try and make life as comfortable as possible for them.

Here are several practical tips that can guide you in the care of your bedridden adult.

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