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All In The Name Of Bonding

Looking for something a little more exciting for your team building days? If you’re sick of the same old retreats, restaurants and sports activities, it’s time to turn your attention to days out that are going to bond your team like never before.

In this blog we take a look at activities you and your team can enjoy, creating memories you’ll never forget and forging valuable relationships that are going to pay dividends to your business.

Play Detective

Everyone loves a little bit of murder mystery but we’re not just talking about make believe and dressing up but using DNA techniques such as fingerprinting and fibre testing to follow the clues and capture a murderer.

Chanel your CSI detective persona and take on this three hour challenge. Using problem solving skills, communication and logic skills, will you and your colleagues beat the clock and solve the crime?

Collaborative Art

For a more creative morning spent working together, how about the challenge of creating a piece of art together on a specific topic?  Drawing on teamwork, communication, not to mention your team’s artistic skills, you’ll be able to display your finished creation in the office, or in a cupboard if really necessary!

Drone Flying

Get your tech on with indoor drone racing that pits teams against each other and challenges even the most skillful hand-to-eye coordination.

Race them through virtual worlds as part of a team challenge and get the feeling of flying a real drone for the first time.

Cocktail Making

You might want to write off the rest of the day and the evening if you go for this team building exercise. Make it even more fun by setting a theme, such as Forties America or Paris in Spring, and have team members dress appropriately. This theme is all about fun, learning and sampling delicious cocktails together and having lots of laughs.

Be considerate of the non-drinkers in your team and make sure designated drivers get the chance to try out a variety of mocktails.

Treasure Hunt

If you insist on getting your team outside, at least take it away from the more traditional team sports. Try a James Bond themed Treasure Hunt on for size. Teams follow clues, find locations and complete tasks for the glory of calling themselves the real 007 and the right to enjoy that Martini, shaken not stirred.

Team bonding has so many advantages. It brings people together who might not talk to each other. It encourages everyone to relax and it helps draw out talents and skills you might not see day to day. Through it you might see natural leaders emerge, displaying diplomacy and reasoning as well as those rather more hidden creative talents.

Make it fun, make it interesting and make it something you know your team will get a lot from. Take the lessons away with you and you’ll have a team firing on cylinders, working better together with enthusiasm, something that can only help your business.

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