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Explore Fun Facts For Beginner Musicians

Regardless of your taste, music truly makes the world go around and is universal. Therefore, it doesn’t matter if you love jazz, pop, rap, acapella, country, electric, or any other music type; almost everybody likes music. Continue reading to discover why people like music, how they find out what kind of music they want, and some fun facts for beginner musicians.

Have you ever noticed that when babies hear music, they wiggle and shake? While they may not have any rhythm or even know what they are listening to, they know that something tantalizes their senses. Similarly, teens and adults can hear a song they haven’t heard in a while, yet they remember the melody and the lyrics.

Research shows that when music sounds reach the brain, the brain releases dopamine, which makes people happy. The thought makes me smile because I’ve never seen anyone angry on the dance floor as someone who loves to dance.

In most states, students get the chance to play instruments as early as elementary school. A lucky few stick with it and go on to be musicians for a living. Maybe knowing some fun facts for beginning musicians would make more stick with it beyond high school. Here are some points that may fascinate you about music.

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Mozart had Higher Sales Than Beyonce

In 2016, Beyonce released her Lemonade album. That album featured Formation, Lemonade, Freedom, Hold Up, and other hits. However, the beehive won’t want to hear this, but a man who has been dead for over 200 years sold more CDs than Beyonce and Rhianna.

Amadeus Mozart (Mozart) 200-CD box set sold over 1.25 million CDs in five weeks in late 2016, beating Beyonce and Rhianna.


Singing in a Group Can Boost Your Mood

If you have the voice to sing but feel shy or stage fright, let your voice get heard with a group. Choirs and choruses can be a great way to test the waters on stage and see how your voice blends with others.

Also, multiple studies have concluded that being part of a group of singers benefits your emotional and physical wellbeing. In addition to the pure camaraderie and friendships formed in a singing group, research shows that signing makes your body release feel-good hormones and reduces stress.


Largest Free Concert in the World

Covid has made it impossible for us to gather in groups like folks did pre-Covid. In 1994, Rod Steward hosted a free concert in Brazil with over 4 million people in attendance. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, most people were in attendance for the show even though there was a firework display to ring in the new year after the music.


The First String Instrument

If you wondered “what was the first string instrument?” and guessed the beloved violin, you’d have the wrong instrument but be in the right family. However, the first string instrument was the lyre which also had a wooden body – similar to a violin. Also, identical to a violin, the lyres are held against the body, similar to a harp.


Britney Spears Song Scares Pirates

As strange as it may sound, reportedly, British naval officers play Britney Spears songs “Oops I Did It Again” and “Baby One More Time” to scare off Somali pirates. According to reports, the Somali pirates don’t like western music, and when they hear it, they scamper off quickly.


Jingle Bells Thanksgiving

Children sing the famous Christmas song while ringing their bells, “Jingle Bells,” was originally a Thanksgiving song, not meant for Christmas. Supposedly the song was written in Massachusetts, where horse racing was popular and meant to be a Thanksgiving song.


Music Helps Plants Grow

When they say that talking to plants helps, they also mean that we should also play music for them. According to research, music helps plants grow faster than they would without music.


The Beatles Were Singers, Only

In 2018 Paul McCartney let the cat out of the bag that none of the Beatles could read or write music. By then, it didn’t matter much; their success was historic.

These fun facts for beginning musicians should encourage them to stick with music beyond high school. As you can see, it is universal and there is something for everyone.

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