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Business Review: Tasty Dip Heflin, AL

I always love those classic restaurants with the classic looks and tasty food.  Sadly most of these classic drive-in restaurants have gone away in favor of those modern fast food joints.  Even Sonic Drive-In is too modern to be considered a classic drive-in.  But in Heflin Alabama there is a restaurant you can drive right up too and order from the window.  Let the classic neon sign point the way to Tasty Dip!

Tasty Dip has been a local restaurant people in Heflin can depend on since 1948!  You can tell this place is a slice of American history.  This classic roadside stand has been serving your classic American foods like burgers and hot dogs.  But they also serve ice cream, sundaes, malts, snow cones, and over 20 flavors of shakes!  I got a hot fudge sundae with nuts.  For around $4 they give you a lot of ice cream for the money!

I love the peanuts at Tasty Dip.  At most other places they will just throw on some crushed peanuts on a sundae.  But here they use caramelized peanuts to top a sundae.  I could just eat the caramelized peanuts by themselves.

I ate up the sundae in around 30 minutes.  They use a really big cup for a large sundae at Tasty Dip.  This is a very good value for your money.

Tasty Dip is located close to the Norfolk Southern line.  And while I was eating I got lucky and caught a Amtrak train pulling a classic Norfolk Southern caboose.

I would encourage all of you who are traveling on Interstate 20 to get off in Heflin and take a break from the crazy interstate traffic at Tasty Dip.  Those who decide to venture off the interstate does get rewarded!

Tasty Dip is located at 1278 Ross Street (U.S. 78) in Heflin.  For more information on Tasty Dip go to:

And on Facebook go to:

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