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An Extensive Guide To Best Clone App For WhatsApp In Android & iOS In 2021

Nowadays several cloning applications are launching in the market for business purposes. Especially when everything is possible digitally, why marketers won’t launch their own digital business platforms in the year 2021 where technology is so vast. Therefore it is not an easy task to create an effective application that is able to capture the market among many of those successfully.

Don’t worry we will guide you on how to create the effective clone app of WhatsApp in Android and iOS with a handful of tips. To know more about how to develop the best clone app check out the link to the Best Clone App For Whatsapp. Let’s know the features you must need to develop in your WhatsApp clone app:


  1. Account Opening

To use WhatsApp, the users need to create an account first. Users must first download the app from the play store, have to open it, and agree to the app’s terms and conditions. Users grant the app access to their contacts, by filling up their telephonic details, provides a code to validate their device, their name, and an optional profile photo, finally then they are ready to start using the app. They can also sync their contacts through and interact with them with this app. Chat app authentication can be done in a variety of ways, including using a phone number, email id, or a social networking profile. So that while you are going to develop a WhatsApp-like application make sure that you have incorporated all these facilities for your users.


  1. Push notifications

Users can get notifications for any incoming call, media, or message through the chat app, and they can toggle the notification on or off based on their preferences. When someone else tries to register a Whatsapp account with their registered phone number, WhatsApp sends them a push notification. To continue using the app, they must input a numeric code from the push notification. They can also silence chats so that they don’t get notified when new messages arrive. Notifications should also be included in the MVP because they provide a direct line of communication between the app and its users. These push alerts keep users engaged and active in the app. Therefore make sure that your Whatsapp cloned application doesn’t miss the features and you don’t lose users.


  1. Messaging

Whatsapp allows users to send and receive instant messages over the internet, as it is notable for its chatting feature. The app allows users to communicate in an encrypted manner. This WhatsApp feature protects chat messages from attackers using advanced cryptography technology, and it can be quite handy when the users transmit sensitive information over the app. Messages can also be marked as delivered, failed, seen, or altered. WhatsApp also allows its users to block or report someone If they receive embarrassing calls and messages.

However, most chat systems now include this as regular functions, allowing users to track the status of their messages from the time they are seen by the recipients.

Although all chat applications have this feature, you may make your app worthy by giving both private and public talks. A group chat feature allows users to create a group and talk with several individuals at once, invite or add people to the group, address and choose specific numbers inside a group, and much more.


  1. Media transmission

Chat programs enable users to easily share media. People often exchange various sorts of media, such as images, videos, boomerangs, stickers, GIFS, emojis, and words. Your chat program must allow for the easy exchange of large media files. You can also incorporate stickers, which are one of the most popular ways to build your messaging app more interesting. It will be beneficial for the users if a large file also can be shared via your application so that the users will find it helpful.


  1. Voice and video calls

You may enable video and audio calls for your users, making your application even more interactive. Your users will be able to use an unlimited calling function on the way they engage and communicate with one another without having to spend talktime balance. Even if the user’s contact is in another country, the chat software provides users with free audio and video conversation via a stable internet connection and voice-over-internet protocol (VoIP). So that you must consider all these features while developing a WhatsApp-like application for your business.


6. WhatsApp web

Recently WhatsApp has added another useful feature that allows its users to use their WhatsApp account from another device other than their smartphone. The users also can receive and send messages and can enjoy all the features except calling from another device after being connected through WhatsApp web. The device may be desktop or laptop users find suitable to use, so that they don’t need to on their mobile phone to check important messages when they are busy in office projects with their PC. This is one of the helpful features users find beneficial. Therefore try to incorporate these types of useful features in your application so that it can attract the audience to choose it.


  1. Sharing Status

The users like to share photos, videos, gifs with their WhatsApp friends related to their lifestyle. This is the status option that is automatically deleted after 24 hours without any need to delete it manually. So that users love the feature and they also have the option to set privacy when they don’t want someone particular to view their status. It also allows users to know who has seen their status in their contact list and also can mute someone’s status if they don’t want to see it. Therefore incorporating all these features will make your WhatsApp cloned application more interesting to use.

These are the most important features you need to consider to develop an application like WhatsApp that will run both on Android and iOS. For more information regarding clone applications, Checkout this link to the Best Whatsapp Clone App Development Company.


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Sunny  Chawla is a MD at Uber Clone App Company which is the Best Clone App Development Company helping global businesses to grow. He loves to share his thoughts on Web Development, Mobile App Development and Game Development.

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