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5 Hidden Damages To Look For When Buying A Used Car

You’re looking for a new car, you find the perfect model and you know you want it. You might be thinking that you’ll never find something as good as this deal again, so you buy it without much thought. But wait! What if there’s hidden damage? The seller could have easily covered up some expensive problems with minimal effort. In this blog post we will go over five hidden damages to look out for when buying a used car so you don’t get burned in your next purchase:



One of the most common types of damage you can find when you’re buying a used car is rust. This can be very difficult to spot, so you will need to know what you are looking for in order to catch it before you sign the paperwork.

The best way to check for rust is to look under the car. You can start by looking at all of the seams you would expect bolts or screws to be in and see if they are rusty. Any rust might indicate that there’s corrosion on other parts of your vehicle as well. Another place you should inspect closely for rust is around the wheels. Since you are looking for corrosion, you should be able to spot rust by its color and texture.

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Water Damage

The next hidden damage you need to look for when you’re buying a used car is water damage. This can be difficult to spot unless you know what you should be looking for.

If you notice the inside of your vehicle smells musty, or if there is a strange discoloration on certain surfaces, then this could mean that water damage has occurred in those areas. The biggest telltale sign would actually be mold growing anywhere inside the car as well. You may see this growing on the ceiling or any surface you would not expect water to be able to reach.

Basically, if you notice mold, mildew, discoloration of surfaces, musty smells inside your car, rust under the vehicle and around the wheels, then you should make sure you check for hidden damage before buying it! You don’t want to get stuck with a vehicle that you’ll have to repair all the time.


Collision Damage

The biggest telltale sign of any hidden damage is uneven surfaces on the body panels. Look closely at all parts of your vehicle, and look for places where there’s either a gap you didn’t notice before or a panel or frame that looks to be of a different material. If you see either of these things happening, it could indicate collision damage, and you’ll need to have a car repair Austin, TX, professional inspect the vehicle more closely for hidden damages.


A Bad Engine

The main reason you buy a used car is to save money, right? If you’re looking for hidden damage, then you need to watch out for anything that could potentially cost you more in the long run.

One of these problems would be the poor performance of the engine. This can manifest itself as acceleration issues and clunking noises when you turn the wheel. Also, you may notice you have to turn the key in your ignition more than you used to before it starts.

Poor engine performance could indicate you need to replace the spark plugs and ignition coils. It can also mean you might have a faulty oil pressure sensor or anything else that controls engine functions.

Finally, it may be possible you’re having issues with your fuel system as well such as an issue with your pump, regulator, injectors, etc. Basically, if you notice you have engine problems you didn’t notice before, then you will want to look deeper into the vehicle for hidden damage.


Transmission Malfunction

This can be difficult because it may not show up right away, but you will notice that the gears are hard to shift into and out of as time goes on.

If you notice this issue as we described above, then there’s likely an internal problem with your transmission. It may be a number of parts that have worn out and need to be replaced, or it could even indicate a mechanical failure in the transmission itself.

Although the above tips are a good place to start, it’s always best to have your vehicle inspected by a mechanic if you’re seriously considering buying the car.

The need for an inspection is especially true if there are any issues that could indicate hidden damage.

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