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Geeky Vacation Ideas For You And Your Friends

When you think of “geeky vacations,” you may think your options are limited: if you aren’t road-tripping to a convention, you’re off to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Both of those trips are fantastic, but the world of pop culture is vast, so why aren’t your vacation options? Check out these geeky vacation ideas for you and your friends if you want to get out there.

Geeky Vacation Ideas for You and Your Friends

Go to the Locations of Your Favorite Series

Unfortunately, tickets to Westeros are scant, and the USS Enterprise isn’t taking tourists. But because you can’t visit the worlds of your favorite stories doesn’t mean you can’t see them. Pack up and go on a road trip to see all the locations of your favorite series. For example:

  • New Zealand: Lord of the Rings franchise
  • Hatfield House in Hertfordshire, England: Batman, Tomb Raider, Sherlock Holmes
  • British Colombia: Supernatural
  • San Rafael Swell, Utah: Star Trek (2009)
  • Chott el Jerid, Tunisia: Star Wars: A New Hope
  • The Causeway Coast: Game of Thrones
  • Cardiff, Wales: Doctor Who

If you’re a fan of something that wasn’t live-action, you can still see the place that brought you your favorite franchise. For example, if you’re a fan of Disney, see about getting a guided tour of their Burbank lot.

Zombie Apocalypse Camping Trip

A zombie apocalypse isn’t exactly anyone’s idea of a good time. But you can live all the fun of Resident Evil without the fear of becoming part of an undead hoard with a zombie-themed camping trip.

Relive season four of The Walking Dead by hopping the border to Georgia to make camp in one of the state’s national forests. While you can’t go rolling around in a tank like Pete, you can try your hand at off-roading at one of the state’s off-roading trails. Afterward, you can take an immersive walking tour to see the series’ filming location.

The Minnesota Renaissance Festival

Whether you’re a fan of fantasy novels, steampunk, DnD, or Vikings, a trip to the Ren fair has something for everyone. There are a host of Renaissance fairs across the country, including a weekend event here in Alabama. But for the full experience, plan a road trip up to Shakopee, Minnesota, for the country’s biggest fair.

As the last geeky vacation idea for you and your friends, the Minnesota Renaissance Festival has it all, from the classic Ren fair shenanigans like costumes, jousts, and turkey legs the size of red dragons. But they also offer a fairy forest, royal gardens, and pony, llama, and elephant rides.

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