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Like, Comment, Subscribe: How To Increase Your YouTube Views

If you’ve ever watched a YouTuber crack jokes while playing a videogame or walk you through their day in a vlog, you’ve probably thought, “I can do that!” Well, maybe you can. So, like, comment, subscribe: how to increase your YouTube views.

Like, Comment, Subscribe: How To Increase Your YouTube Views


You can adapt your channel to suit the format that works best with the algorithm, even if you do something unique. Channels with the most views on YouTube typically follow a few rules. First, post consistently. This means that you create an upload schedule and stick to it. Start by figuring out how often you can post based on the type of videos you make.

The second rule goes with the first, have the first down to a science before attempting the second. Post daily if you can. Channels that see strong views repeatedly usually post more frequently than once a week. The content doesn’t have to stay the same, but it should all fit the theme of your channel.

The final rule is that you should have personal content. YouTube is a successful platform because the creators connect with their audience better than any other medium. Videos that show your face will traditionally perform better than ones without you in them.


Titles and Thumbnails

The title and thumbnail go together. You have probably seen catchy titles that use clickbait to get people to watch the videos. You can use this method to a small degree, but a better idea is to look at other people making videos like yours. What do the titles and thumbnails look like of someone who has more subscribers than you?

Including your face in the thumbnails will help encourage people to click since it makes your videos appear more personal. Making professional-looking thumbnails can seem scary, but a few tutorials on Photoshop or Gimp will show you that it isn’t as hard as you think!



While waiting for your video to upload, you can add tags. Don’t pass this up. Input every relevant keyword you can think of, as this can help strangers searching for videos like yours.



Engaging with the community that you’re building in the comments makes your audience feel seen and heard. If you’re getting comments, make sure you like them, respond to some, and even pin the best one.


Production Quality

Investing in higher quality gear will make your videos more professional and easier to share. If you aren’t sure exactly what you’ll need, this is a great guide to get you started.

Lastly, don’t underestimate the signoff. Asking viewers to like, comment, and subscribe is a viable way to get more people to stick around. Asking someone to do you a favor, especially one that requires so little effort, will often pay off. If you treat people kindly, they’ll treat you kindly back!

Hopefully, we’ve given you some ideas on how to increase your YouTube views. Good luck out there, and happy vlogging.

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