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How To Make Your Office More Productive

The goals of a business can be lost on employees who are drained of energy and motivation. Some employees find themselves working too hard and frazzled all of the time. Others find themselves dreading going to work in such a boring place. There are some tips and tricks to create a more productive office.


Get Colorful

No one wants to stare at beige walls for hours every day. And it has been proven that people are less productive in stale environments. Everyone has a favorite color or aesthetic that makes them feel comfortable and focused. Let employees bring in picture frames, plants, and other desk decors to uplift their mood. Even providing employees with sticky notes, pencils, and notebooks in a color of their choice is a cheap way to add a splash of enjoyment to the office.


Encourage Breaks

It sounds counter-intuitive, but taking breaks can actually lead to higher productivity. Even getting up from your desk to refill a water bottle can help your brain re-center. After you complete a task, take a two-minute “brain break.” Doodle a picture, stretch, or just space out and think about absolutely nothing. Clearing your mind to enjoy a stress-free moment will ease any anxiety or overwhelming frustrations. Then you can bring your next task with a renewed energy.

Let your employees know they can take breaks. Work out a plan to cover each other’s breaks, if necessary. Do not scold your employees and co-workers for not appearing to be busy every single second of the day. Set an example for your employees by taking breaks yourself. Do not work off the clock and eat lunch away from your desk.



It can be easy to become overwhelmed if you feel you have to get everything done by the end of the day, especially if your workflow is constantly interrupted with the addition of more tasks and to-dos. Instead, try choosing three of the most important tasks and only focus on those until they are completed. If you work with papers, have a “To-Do” box or bin. Keep all of your papers there until you get the chance to look at them. This will also help keep your desk organized. Creating a list at the beginning of each day can also help. Write down all of your tasks, and then highlight the three most important ones. If you get those done before the workday ends, you can knock out another item on your list. See if you can delegate any tasks to co-workers. If you supervise anyone or work on a team, make sure they are aware of the top priorities of the day, too.


Trim Down Meetings

If you need to hold a meeting, have an agenda for it. Stick to the topic and let co-workers go back to work as soon as the conversation wraps up. Let others know the topic of the meeting beforehand so they can think of questions or concerns to bring up.


Get Musical

Some people love to work with background music. Allow employees to bring in earphones and listen to the music of their choice while working on independent tasks. If you have an especially chatty co-worker, using earphones is a great way to avoid a distracting conversation. Just make sure you can hear your office phone ringing.


Stay Connected

Teamwork makes the dream work, as they say. It is important to communicate with coworkers and employees regarding tasks or any problems that arise throughout the day. Being available to answer questions or sort out a situation is vital. Some do this with email, instant messaging, or business phone systems. When choosing an inner-office phone system, it is important to pick one with the ability to have extensions preloaded or connect to remote workers. This way, employees do not have to waste time scouring through contact lists or asking others for numbers. Everyone will be within reach by the press of a button.

Overall, the best way to create a productive office environment is to create a comfortable and communicative environment. People thrive when they are encouraged and feel important. Use this information to cultivate the kind of workspace you desire.

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