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Explore 7 Bond Car Gadgets That Would Cost Drivers £53,900 ($74,652)

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Bond cars have always been equipped with security gadgets that could outsmart any villain in a high speed car chase. From the anti-intruder electric shock system on board the BMW 750iL to the Aston Martin DB10’s flamethrower, 007’s spy cars is always seen with the most innovative gadgets to assist in Bond’s getaway.

While we wait to see the gadgets that Bond has in store for us in No Time To Die, MotorEasy spoke to vehicle armoring specialists Armormax to reveal the extreme security features drivers can get their hands on to create their own 007 spy car.

MotorEasy have revealed 7 security features, all found on Bond’s previous cars and estimated how much in total it would cost to install all of the security upgrades on your own car. By installing these features, drivers could turn their Ford Fiesta into a car so secure it could chauffeur James Bond himself.

1. Bulletproof Exterior – Seen on the Aston Martin DB5 – £47,100 ($66,383)
007’S DB5 holds up a bulletproof rear shield to catch any bullets thrown his way whilst behind the wheel. Although not a physical shield but arguably more effective, Armormax have revealed that bulletproofing a car’s exterior would cost just short of £50k. You can rest easy knowing you’re safe from Bond villains, as the bulletproof exterior is 10 times stronger than ballistic steel and adds 1000lbs of bullet protection.

2. Ballistic Glass Windows – Seen on the BMW 750iL – £1,735 ($2,445)
Ballistic glass windows will set you back approximately £1,735 per window to protect against the toughest security concerns. Like the windows sported on the BMW 750iL, ballistic glass can provide protection from smaller hand-held guns and armor piercing rounds, even in the middle of intense car chases.

3. Road Tack Dispending System – Seen on the BMW 750iL – £1,257 ($1,739)
The Tomorrow Never Dies multistory car park chase reveals an iconic gadget working in Brosnan’s favor when villains were in hot ascent. Should you ever find yourself in a high-speed car chase, an armored car has a releasable compartment towards the rear that drops metal tacks onto the road, piercing the tires of your chaser and throwing them off course.

4. Electric Shock Door Handles – Seen on the BMW 750iL – £1,062 ($1,497)
If an attacker gets close to the spy car in Tomorrow Never Dies, there’s little chance of them getting inside with door handles that can electrocute anyone attempting to open. Armormax’s own electric shock system converts the vehicle 12-volt battery power into a 120-volt current that is fed directly to the door handles with copper wire.

5. Smoke Screen Dispensers – Aston Martin DB5 in Goldfinger – £602 ($849)
A smoke screen is one of the spy cars best defensive features when used in high risk car chases in 007: Goldfinger. The Armormax smoke screen heats an oil based mixture to evaporate it then as it mixes with cool external air as it is dispensed from the exhaust, it condenses to a mist meaning you can make a discreet getaway while Bond villains struggle to see while driving.

6. Run-Flat Wheels – Seen on the BMW 750iL – £1,684 ($2,374)
Perhaps the most useful security feature for any driver, the BMW 750iL also sports run-flat tires which come into use when Bond is forced to drive over his own road tacks in the multi-story car chase. Armormax’s own run-flat tire inserts mean you can drive safely for 50+ miles at 70 mph, meaning you can escape without worry of attackers successfully slowing the car down. Armormax estimates all 4 tires would come to £1,684.

7. Flamethrower – Seen on the Aston Martin DB10 – £460 ($637)
The classic defensive flamethrower is seen on the Aston Martin DB10 in Spectre, operated by a switch inside the car.

Mark Burton, CEO of Armormax, spoke to MotorEasy about the Bond-esuqe security features and said: “In terms of how far security features go, we can make virtually anything a client desires within the law. A lot of ideas for features come direct from clients – many have probably watched too many movies!

“Especially for civilians, we like to keep the approach defensive instead of offensive, but for government agencies and heads of state, the requirements are often much more substantial. Such as machine guns that are controlled from within the cabin and retract into a discreet tool chest when not being used.

“For us, however, the most affordable and one of the more effective car security features is run-flat wheels – much cheaper than some of the more ambitious products but essential for escaping a dangerous situation, especially with deflated tires.”

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