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007: Daniel Craig Is The Least Eco-Friendly Bond, Data Reveals

Whether it’s the motors, martinis or even the many affairs, the James Bond character is one of excess. Often overlooked, however, is the never-ending travel and sizeable carbon footprint he could be […]

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Explore James Bond Actors Ranked By Driving Lethality

With No Time To Die due to be released October 8th in the United States, Leasing Options have done the research to find out the most lethal and destructive Bond behind the wheel. […]

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Data Reveals The 10 Actors Statistically Perfect To Play James Bond

Daniel Craig’s time in the 007 tux will come to an end, following the long anticipated release of No Time To Die. The 007 spy code is to transfer to Nomi, a […]

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Explore 7 Bond Car Gadgets That Would Cost Drivers £53,900 ($74,652)

Post reference: https://www.motoreasy.com/magazine/464/The-Strangest-Car-Security-Methods-Uncovered Bond cars have always been equipped with security gadgets that could outsmart any villain in a high speed car chase. From the anti-intruder electric shock system on board the […]

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Explore The Stats Behind Every James Bond Car

In the run up to No Time To Die’s cinematic release (which has been delayed until next year), Leasing Options have created the most comprehensive catalog of Bond vehicles on the internet. […]

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Music Thursdays: Billie Eilish – No Time To Die

We have a new James Bond song!  Artist Billie Eilish has a new song out that serves as the main theme song for the movie “No Time To Die.”  The upcoming movie […]

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The Evening Post: No Time To Die – Trailer

James Bond is back for another movie!  In No Time To Die, Bond has left active service and is enjoying a tranquil life in Jamaica. His peace is short-lived when his old […]

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The London Olympics Are Here!

I have enjoyed seeing the tweets, Facebook messages, and online videos from the Opening Ceremonies this evening from London.  For the next few weeks the entire world will be watching the Olympics from Great […]

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