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5 Reasons Your Family Should Move To The South

Most people associate the South with mosquitos and fatty foods. However, there are many other reasons the South should be at the top of your list if your family considers relocation. The South is home to groundbreaking artists, performers, chefs, among other brilliant professions. From states like Charleston, South Florida, to Atlanta, your family will love the beautiful things the South offers. Here are five reasons your family should move to the South.


1. You will be Spoilt for Choice in Places to Explore

The South is packed with many historic and charming cities that your family will enjoy exploring. Cities such as Charleston, St. Augustine, New Orleans, Birmingham, Atlanta, Nashville, and Savannah are some cities that you will not miss a charming place to enjoy with your family. Whatever Southern state your family chooses to move to, they can be sure to get many fascinating historical sites to visit in these areas.


2. The Winters are not Extreme

Winters can be freezing, and you may not get to enjoy the outdoor settings. Your family may not want to move to a place where they have to remove snow from their driveway every morning. The winters are mostly mild in the South, and the summers are just perfect for outdoor activities. Most states in the South do not experience extreme freezing temperatures during winter. If your family wants to avoid winters altogether, they should consider states such as South Florida, which has balmy winters. Even when most states are freezing in the January and February cold weather, a south Florida resident will only need to wear a light jacket as the weather is bearable. Because of the mild winters, many southerners prefer spending more time outdoors and staying indoors throughout the year.


3. Fine Dining and Good Food

If your family adores good food, the South is the best place to move to, as the food and drinks in these regions are delectable. Even when you travel the country, you will find the replicated versions of southern delicacies throughout. Some of the unmatched foods and drinks from the South include fried green tomatoes, pecan pies, shrimps, grits, chicken stew, among others. You will also find different barbeques in these areas, and whatever dish your family wants to have, they can get the best from the restaurants around the South. As they say, food unites people; therefore, there is no better place to live than where you can enjoy delicious meals.


4. The Cost of Living is Low

If your family is looking into saving money, the South is the best place to move to. Southern residents enjoy lower costs of living than most American citizens in other areas. The housing costs and childcare are very affordable. The excellent food in the restaurants is also cheaper than in other regions. You will also love the low-priced amenities in the South. Living in this region will save you some dollars that you can use for other essential things. Renting in the South will also see you save some cash as houses and apartments in Carrollton, GA, are cheaper. There are many places that you can live with your family around the South. If you have a senior citizen, they will also enjoy living in the South as the houses in Florida are cheap.


5. Your Family will Love Summers on the Beach

No matter the area you live in the South, you can access beaches and mountains any time you want. Summers for your family will be much better if you move to the South. You will also enjoy the weekend getaways and vacations if your family members are usually busy working on weekdays. Some of the most beautiful beaches in the country are located in the South, including Sarasota, Hilton Head Island, Daytona, etc. You will also get to visit the Blue Ridge Mountains if you need a retreat with your family.


Final Thought

Is your family looking into relocating? The South may be the best option for them. The demographics, low cost of living, mild winters, and sandy beaches are some reasons your family should move to the region. Moreover, the food and drinks are delectable, and your family will have many options for places to explore. The South is just a fantastic place to live.

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