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Safety Tips To Remember When Using A Fiber Laser

Before you purchase your first fiberglass cutting machine, it’s essential to consider the safety tips to remember when using a fiber laser. Without these tips, you may cause a severe or fatal injury to yourself or a coworker.

Safety Tips To Remember When Using a Fiber Laser

Hire a Laser Safety Officer

When purchasing a fiber laser, make sure to hire someone who has experience using laser cutting machines. If not properly trained, an inexperienced worker could make a mistake, damaging the building or themself. To ensure safety, hire a Laser Safety Officer (LSO). This type of officer has experience with these kinds of lasers and enforces all safety protocols. They will be the go-to when asking how fiber lasers work.


Ensure the Laser Is Enclosed

A fiber laser machine can be either open or closed. Fiber lasers have hazardous beams that, when used incorrectly, are a severe safety hazard. If the fiber is shut, there won’t be anything to worry about. However, if it’s open, it’s wise to get a curtain to create an enclosure in case the beam turns on by accident.


Use Eye Protection

Never operate any type of laser without proper eye protection. You’ll not only risk going blind, but you may also suffer burns on the skin. Get the correct type of goggles to protect you from the lasers when they are in use. Follow the instructions written on the goggles to ensure the appropriate usage.


Prioritize Proper Ventilation

Wearing goggles around lasers will protect your eyes, but having the correct ventilation prevents you from inhaling harmful gases. Inhaling fumes from the material you’re cutting can cause future lung problems. When you’re cutting through something like PVC pipe, which can release chlorine gas, be sure to work in a space with suitable ventilation to avoid inhaling any toxic chemicals.

Following these safety tips to remember when using a fiber laser is important. They will teach you the right kind of machinery to use, and how to hire someone experienced with fiber laser cutting machines who will teach you how to use your laser cutter.

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