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5 Things You Should Have For Your Company Car

If your business has employees who frequently travel or who are frequently in the field, you may have a fleet of company vehicles. These vehicles are beneficial to you and your employees as it helps you to keep them accountable and helps them in saving money in gas and maintenance. In order to get the most benefit from your company vehicle and to keep it as safe as possible, there are certain products that should stay in the vehicle. A list of five of the most important products for your company vehicle is found in the list that is below.


1. GPS Trackers

A GPS tracking device is essential for your company vehicle if you want to hold your employees accountable to ensure that they are actually using the vehicle for a work-related task. It can also protect you in stopping your company vehicle from being stolen from an employee who ends up being untrustworthy at your company. IF your employees work a dangerous job in the field, this vehicle can help them to feel protected at all times as they know that there is someone who knows their location at all times. Make sure your employees do know about this product, however, so that they do not feel as if they are being micromanaged.


2. Vehicle Registration

To start, any vehicle that is on the road in the country has to have a registration attached to it. If your employee happens to get pulled over while in your vehicle, they can show the registration to show that it belongs to your company. The registration can also help to prove that the vehicle belongs to the company but that the employee is responsible for the ticket that they received. If there is no registration in the vehicle, however, then the ticket for the crime would fall back on your company.


3. Insurance Information

It is also important that a copy of the insurance cards be in the company vehicle at all times. There is just as much of a chance that your employees get into a car accident when in a company vehicle then there is in a personal vehicle. If the accident is not your fault, the insurance will compensate you to buy a replacement for the fleet or to get the necessary repairs. It is also important that the employee is able to exchange contact information with the other driver, plus, it is the law for businesses to have insurance on vehicles.


4. Vehicle Rules

When an employee works for your business and has rights to vehicle usage, they should be taught the rules of the vehicle. Make sure that you have a copy of these rules in the vehicle as well so that they are reminded. These rules should include driving standards first off, showing that the employees need to follow the rules of the road and need not speed. There should also be information on consequences that may arise from revoking the rules such as an employee losing the right to use a company car.


5. Driving Log

Finally, make sure that you have a driving log for your company vehicle. The employee can sign out at the office, indicating the vehicle they are using and where they are intending to go with the vehicle. In the car, they can write down the mileage that the vehicle last ended on and where it ended on again when the employee brought the car back. This will help you to know that the vehicles are being used for the right purpose and employees will feel some sense of a responsibility.


Final Thoughts

Business vehicles should be a privilege for your employees to use, which is why it is so important to keep them accountable. Make sure they are trained on proper usage of the vehicle, and that they use a driving log. Ensure too that you install GPS trackers to keep up with locations to see if they match up with where the driving log says the employee is supposed to be going. Make sure that your employees feel safe in the vehicle too and that you follow the law by putting in a recent registration and new insurance cards in case of incidents.

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