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How To Know If Your Old Toys Are Valuable

We’ve all heard about the value of antiques as in old furniture, jewelry, art, sports cards, etc., but did you ever think that an old toy you cherished from childhood could be worth something big today? It’s true. Take, for example, a 1997 “Princess Diana” commemorative Beanie Baby. One sold for a whopping $10,000! Our toy experts have some wonderful tips on how to know if your old toys are worth some money.

IMAGE CREDIT: Ryutaro Tsukata from Pexels

Mint Condition Rules

Professionals in the vintage or antique business will tell you that “mint” means everything.

In other words, old toys that are clean, in great shape, and still have their original boxes or packaging will be worth more dollars than those toys that have been opened, played with, and have signs of wear and tear.


Material Can Matter

Another excellent tip when learning about the value of old toys comes down to this basic, the material. Let’s face it. A lot of fantastic toys from back in the day are typically made of plastic now.

Toys like the famous Hot Wheels that were produced in the 1970s were die-cast vehicles originally made to represent real-life versions that could fit in the palm of your hand. These kinds of metal toys are collectibles today.

In addition, toys that also came out on the original release date such as Transformers g1 toys are another sizzling hot collectible with some worth thousands of dollars.


Research Old Toys Online

One of the simplest ways to check if an old toy gathering dust in the attic is valuable is by going online and doing some old-fashioned investigation. You can find tons of information online regarding vintage toys and their value. It pays to read up and be in the know.

For instance, Good Housekeeping Magazine published an article a few years ago about the 40 most valuable childhood toys, which featured everything from PEZ dispensers to American Girl dolls and a lot more.


Let An Expert Repair It

Let’s say that you have an old toy that you believe is worth a good price but it’s been used and loved by a child, and now, a mechanical part is busted or there’s an issue with the spring mechanism.

Do not attempt to repair or restore the toy yourself. There are toy collector pros who know how to make an old toy function properly again. Many of them specialize in vintage toy parts and antique toy repair and restoration services and handle these items with great care and knowledge.

Some repair experts even carry original missing parts for vintage toys.


Protect Your Collection

Maybe you have gathered quite an assortment of vintage toys over the years and believe that many of them are or could be valuable antiques from your family childhood. If that is so, it may be time to have the collection appraised and to buy a valuable articles insurance policy to protect these amazing toy treasures from any theft, loss, or damage.

There is a large selection of flexible coverage plans to choose from, and our experts would recommend purchasing a worldwide policy so that your collection is safe at your home, in transit, or in storage.


Ask The U.S. Patent Office

There is another method for trying to determine if the old toy you have from childhood and/or beyond is a valuable item. You can examine the toy and look for clues such as an origin mark from the toy, the maker’s mark, or the patent.

You could also contact the United States Patent Office and pay them a small fee for some information. For example, the office would have the original patent application, the name of the inventor or maker, and a date range in which the toy was made.

There probably isn’t a person on the planet who did not have an old beloved toy or more saved from childhood. Many kids cherished these toys but then grew older and forgot about them, and their parents later stored them away in the family basement or attic. If you have found toy treasures and are curious about their value, follow our advice above, and maybe you’ve hit the jackpot!

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