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What To Do When You Need More Space At Home

Moving into a new house or apartment can be exciting regardless of upgrading or downsizing it can be a challenge to find places for your belongings. If you are finding your house needs more space and you’re tripping over toys or shoes, there are certain steps to take to create more space in your home to reduce clutter and be more organized. Here are some easy ways to organize your home without worrying about where to put items.

Rearrange Furniture

Furniture can take up a lot of space and rearranging the furniture can bring on more space. Putting a sofa against the wall instead of the middle of the floor and a recliner in the corner can open up an entire room. Adding a Sideboard storage unit against the wall can serve as a television stand and storage for movies, books, or CDs. If your furniture is way too big for your living room and no matter how you rearrange it, take a look and see what you can get rid of. It may be beneficial to downsize a love seat compared to a full-size couch if there are only two people living in the household. Getting rid of the furniture will allow you more room to organize and store items.


Build a Storage Rack

A basement or garage is a great place to build a storage rack to store your items. If you don’t have a lot of storage for toys, or looking for a place to store those summer clothes, storing them in bins on a storage rack will reduce the need to keep it in the home. If you have stairs, building a storage closet under the stairs is a great storage opportunity for toys, a reading nook, storage of blankets or towels.


Alternatives to Bedside Tables

Let’s face it, you need to put your alarm clock, cell phone, lamp, or a glass of water. Many use a bedside table to store those items but they take up a lot of room. A headboard with shelves will allow more open space in the bedroom. Adding a nice corner chair for reading time would bring a great addition to the bedroom.


Hang Up The Pots and Pans

Pots and pans are one of the biggest clutter areas in the kitchen. We tend to organize the kitchen cabinets and then a week later they are all mis-organized. Hanging up the pots and pans against the wall will make it easier for you to find the right size pot and pan you are looking for. It will save room in cabinets for other items you wish to hide away.


Multifunctional Furniture

Furniture takes up a lot of common area living space. Couches, end tables, coffee tables can take up a good chunk of space. Consider multifunctioning furniture such as double recliners with storage and a drink holder in between. This reduces the need for end tables. If you have little space in your kitchen for a dining room table and don’t have enough cabinet space, try installing a built-in storage wall with a table that swings down. When you are ready to eat, have the table come down, and when you are done, latch the table back up.


Add a Shed Onto Your Property

If you own your own home, adding prefab steel buildings to your yard can help reduce a lot of clutter by using them as a shed. You can take a lot of your household items that you feel are cluttering up the place and store them in the shed! This is a good idea for items that you don’t need in your home but you also aren’t ready to get rid of the item.

Finding an alternative way to store your belongings can be a tedious task. Consider what you have on hand first before going out and purchasing a storage unit. More storage could mean rearranging furniture, shelves, bedroom sets, or installing organizers. If you have too much, declutter your home to make room for the items you need.

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