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5 Perfect Gifts Ideas For Remote Co-Workers

While a lot of people are working from home, it can be easy to forget that we once shared offices with co-workers that we used to see every day. Now, a lot of people only connect through messaging services or video calls and this has eroded some of the personal connections people used to have. Giving a thoughtful gift can be a great way to let a coworker know you are thinking about them or to encourage them to keep hanging on. Below, we will look at some practical gift ideas that achieve either or both of these aims.

Temperature Control Smart Mug

If you know a co-worker who brews a large mug of coffee and sips it throughout the day at the office, they are likely doing the same thing at home. Temperature control smart mugs keep coffee or tea at a specific temperature throughout the day. These mugs also come with a smartphone app that sends reminder notifications and that can be used to set the optimum temperature for the beverage inside them. These mugs can be pricey, but they are worth it.


A House Plant

Plants can help improve our moods, reduce stress, and increase productivity. They can also make a workspace feel more airy and comfortable. A house plant is a great gift for a co-worker who spends a lot of time in their home office and who might not leave the house for long periods.


Comfortable Socks

Gifting socks can feel like a cliché, but you can make it feel less so by gifting fun socks. These are not your usual black or white socks as they have messages or images printed on them that are bound to make your co-worker smile. These fun socks can also be matched to your co-workers’ personality, likes, or interests, so they feel a lot more personal.


Laptop Sleeve

A common annoyance for parents who work at home is kids who want to use or play on their work laptops. A laptop sleeve can help protect a laptop from touchy kids or accidental bumps and falls. A laptop sleeve can help keep it safe when not in use, thus ensuring its longevity and helping to avoid expensive repair or replacement costs. In addition to being a great way of saying you miss a co-worker, laptop sleeves can also be a fashion item.


Trash Bin

There is always one co-worker who gets the sniffles, especially as the weather or seasons change. Some co-workers also scrap a lot of paper, open a lot of envelopes, or design on physical paper. These are the perfect candidate for stylish and beautiful trash can that fits in their home offices. They can also bring the trash can to the office when you are all allowed to start working in the office again.

Choosing a gift for a co-worker who is working from home calls for a bit of consideration to match the person to the right gift. Practicality, personality, and how much they will like the gift should be the main factors to consider when choosing the right gift.

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