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5 Perfect Gifts Ideas For Remote Co-Workers

While a lot of people are working from home, it can be easy to forget that we once shared offices with co-workers that we used to see every day. Now, a lot […]

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Get Your Limited Edition Oakley Socks From Gone To The Snow Dogs

Today is the last day!  If you don’t follow the YouTube channel Gone to the Snow Dogs you should!  The channel features three great husky dogs in their regular lives.  Now, the channel […]

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Enjoy The Making Of The Weirdest Submarine Sandwich You’ll Ever See

The YouTube channel PESfilm has come out with another great short film!  In this stop-motion film called Submarine Sandwich, you see a worker make a submarine sandwich, with boxing gloves, footballs, baseball gloves, cards, […]

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Kid President And Grover Celebrate A Successful Socktober

Socktober is now over for this year, but the great news is thousands of people helped out, and donated socks to people who need them, like folks who are homeless.  In this […]

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Watch Kid President And Grover At The Socktober Telethon

Kid President and Grover from Sesame Street are back for another awesome video!  Their first video is a great pep talk, the second video features Kid President and Grover at the Socktober […]

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Kid President and Grover From Sesame Street Team Up For Socktober

Kid President usually gets a lot of views on his videos.  And Brad Montague and Kid President are awesome people, who I got to talk too a while back.  Even though their […]

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Good News Fridays: The Sockman / Marathon Man

This week on Good News Fridays, I am talking about two different people who helps others!  One gives socks to the homeless, while the other runs in marathons in a superhero suit. […]

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