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5 Ideas To Dress Up Blank And Boring Walls

When it’s time to decorate a home, it’s always nice for it to reflect a person’s style and flair. Interior design and fashion are similar in that they both give a person an opportunity to physically display their personality. People often talk about the four walls of a home as the base for privacy and safety. Those four walls are also the perfect spaces to dress up and display a person’s taste. If you don’t know where to get started in dressing up your walls, consider these five ideas.

1. Garden Wall

With more people paying close attention to the way they care for the environment, they’re also bringing the environment inside. Nature is showing up in design more than ever. As more people learn how to cultivate gardens and awaken the inner horticulturist, garden walls continue to provide stunning aesthetics as they purify the air. There are plenty of garden starter kits, tutorials and indoor plants to choose from for the perfect design. Though it requires its fair share of maintenance, a garden wall can be a stunningly immaculate way to dress up your boring walls.


2. Wallpaper

Wallpaper is one of the most obvious and easy ways to dress up a wall. Whether you choose to coat all four walls with wallpaper or just one, make sure it’s one you’re in love with. If you’ve always loved the look of a brick wall, you can install a faux version by hanging realistic-looking brick wallpaper. Depending on the design, it can really look real. If you love the look of distressed wooden planks on a wall, you can find them in the form of wallpaper. As long as you get the right measurements, it’s easy to peel and stick wallpaper up. Many companies also make murals in wallpaper form. Once you apply it to a wall, the mural looks as though it was painted on. If you’re living in a home that you’re renting, look for removable wallpaper options. You don’t have to be boxed in because you’re not the owner.


3. Stencils

While they can be incredibly time-consuming, stencils are beautiful, ornate and eye-catching. There are tons of tutorials that will walk you through the best way to approach it. Even if you’re not an artist, a stencil is similar to a paint-by-numbers art project. With the right details and patience, you can easily look like an artist on the other side of a major stenciling project.


4. Wooden Trim

Thanks to the influence of interior design stars like Chip and Joanna Gaines, many people continue to love the farmhouse aesthetic. If you’d like to make your walls fit that aesthetic, wooden trim, board and batten are some of the best accents to use. Create a DIY accent wall by cutting up wooden trim. Once you’ve applied the trim to the wall, you can always paint over it for a cohesive look. Some of the most popular colors to paint wooden trim include navy blue, gray and cream. Though it might look difficult to pull off, the key involves getting the measurements right. Once you’ve maintained the correct aspects and numbers, use a strong adhesive to make sure the wooden trim remains securely on the wall.


5. Statement Wall

Oftentimes, people think about statement walls and associate them with paint. While that’s one great way to create a statement wall, it’s not the only one. If you have a lot of family pictures you’d like to display, purchase a decal that comes in the shape of a large tree. Hang family pictures on different branches of the tree for a major statement. If you’d like to create an interesting wall installation, pick the largest wall in the room for impact. You don’t just have to hang picture frames either. Hang beautiful wooden cutting boards in the kitchen. In the study, hang interesting clocks from Bavarian Clockworks. Have fun with whatever you decide.

As you work on developing the most beautiful version of your home, understand that the walls can really set the tone for the way the rest of the home looks. Whether you have a small budget or a large one, there are ways to make sure your walls look amazingly breathtaking. With some creativity, planning and these five tips, blank and boring walls will soon be a thing of the past in your home.

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