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Technology That Can Help You Catch More Fish

No one ever said that the eternal man vs. nature battle had to be fair. You can get an edge and indulge your love of gadgetry with this technology that can help you catch more fish.

Technology That Can Help You Catch More Fish

Sonar Fish Finders

Don’t call it cheating; call it extreme scouting. Several companies sell bobbers that attach to the end of your line for the ultimate reconnaissance mission. Cast it into the water, and it will tell you where the fish are, how big they are, and what depth you should be fishing. The information comes to you through a free app, so you’ll need your phone handy. The bobbers work in both saltwater and freshwater.


Casting Drones

Add some remote-control fun to your angling with a drone. A built-in camera can help you look for likely spots and document the action when you get a bite. You can attach a hook, bait, and fishing line and send it out farther. With a downrigger release clip, your drone will release the line when you get a bite. That’s essential if you don’t want a trophy fish to pull your drone down into the water.


Lights for Action

Fishing in the wee hours can increase your haul because that’s when fish are going after their prey. Lanterns won’t cut it because they attract the wrong kind of bites (as in mosquitoes). But underwater lights will attract fish, especially if you’re using a green LED light at the right wavelength. And you’ll find it a lot easier to function if you invest in a pair of fingerless gloves that have tiny lightbulbs on the forefinger and thumb.


Smart Rod Sensors

This technology can help you catch more fish by reminding you of what you did right. Just snap it onto your rod. While it doesn’t give you new data, it does record just about everything else: how many times you cast, location catches, weather conditions, and more. When you get lucky, the sensor can record your catch and mark the location. And when you want to review the information, you can find it all on the associated phone app.

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