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An Open Letter To A Person I Talk Too On Facebook From Canada

This post is going out to a person I talk too from Canada.  A couple years ago, this person from Canada contacted me on Facebook, and he wanted to talk to me about roads and infrastructure.  And sure I said yes.  But over time, these posts about roads and infrastructure, have turned into posts about hateful politics.

Over time, this person from Canada has sent me hateful rhetoric about certain politics and politicians.  For example, I remember him saying that Native Americans should be thankful that white people are more advanced.  Which I believe is discriminatory.  Native Americans are human beings too.  And in my opinion, they should receive more help than they are getting right now.

Another example, this person from Canada said that black people were happier under segregation.  Which is an unbelievable statement, come on now.  Black people were angry during segregation.  They were discriminated against, they couldn’t vote, and it was extremely unfair.  These are examples of some of the talk the person from Canada has sent me.

Over time, this person from Canada has sent me more racist, more hateful, more extreme, and more hurtful things that are simply not true.  For example, before I took a long break from talking to this person from Canada.  He sent me a picture that calls for economic instability, the military taking over major cities, and more extreme crap that is simply not true.

And in this statement he recently sent me, he said that highways are racist.  Which is also not true.  The issue is this person from Canada has gone into more extremist thinking, and because of this, he has pretty much lost all his people he could talk to.  He has been banned from Internet forms, meet ups with other people, and I’m pretty much the only person he could talk too right now.

And I’m afraid what might happen if I block this person from Canada for good.  I’m afraid he might commit suicide or do something incredibly insane that potentially gets me in trouble.  You see, this person from Canada has disabilities like I do, and at the school he goes do, he has thrown chairs around, screaming out loud, and the other students there are worried about him.  Some students think he could potentially harm other students because of his behavior.  And when you act scary, I could see why others think like that.

One time he got in trouble with the law for threatening someone on social media.  You can never threaten someone even if you didn’t mean it.  Thankfully the charges got thrown out, but over time, this person from Canada, has gotten more extreme.  And he sends me right-wing extremist crap just to vent.  Now I don’t believe in anything right-wing.  I am a Democrat.  I am a left-wing supporter.  And sending someone crap just to vent is always the wrong and hateful move.

So, with me growing tired of this person from Canada who can’t keep his mouth shut.  What should I do?  I have given this person several second chances before, but I can’t giving more chances.  If we are going to continue to talk with each other, I am listing several things that I demand from this person from Canada does.

First, quit listening, reading, or watching any of this right-wing crap.  Sites like Rebel News, the Toronto Sun, and other right-wing websites and Tv programs is damaging you.  All this right-wing crap does is make people angrier, more upset, and in turn, makes people more extremist.  Nothing good has ever come out of right-wing extremism.  You need to quit it.  All this right-wing crap is doing is ruining your life and making you more miserable.

Second, I hope this person gets the proper help he needs with his disability.  He has been given chances before to get help with his disability, but he has blown it.  He actually said that other people with disabilities similar to him will never make it in life and are too dumb.  Admit it, you need the proper help with your disability.  And that might mean you have to take some medications, and no medications are not going to cause bad side effects.

Third, I want you to quit complaining about your weight.  Yes I’m overweight too.  And guess what, you can lose weight.  Quit eating a lot of food, get out and exercise, there are ways to lose weight.  And I also want you to quit saying bad things about the town you live in.  Guess what, all brown people are not bad and evil.  You need to quit judging other people by their skin color.

I hope this person from Canada gets the proper help he needs.  Because I do not support racist people.  I do not support extremist people.  I have a hard time supporting extreme right-winged people.  And I have a hard time supporting people who don’t give a crap about their life.  You have to realize that the world does not revolve around you.  And if this person from Canada continues to send me horrible crap, I will permanently block this person for good.  Because I’m getting tired of people who are negative all the time.

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