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Things To Have In Mind For The CCIE LAB Exam

The CCIE lab exam came into existence first in 1993 with a two-day test. As there would be an overwhelming demand for CCIE certification, the waiting time for going for the lab exam would be at least six months. In October 2001, Cisco finally updated the two days lab exam to one day by excluding some of the testing measures such as diagramming, IP addressing as well as troubleshooting.

When the CCIE lab test was two days:

The first day would be comprised of building the network by patching, IP addressing, configuration for terminal servers, it is the verification method of your performance regarding the whole layer 2 and 3 configurations. Before the end of the day about 5:15 pm, the proctor would be responsible to mark your capability, as well as decide whether you would be able to attend the second-day lab exam by clearing 80% pass mark on the first day or not.

In order to configure the devices properly, you would be required to be aware of the core technologies. There would be numerous hazards which you should understand and demonstrate basic networking knowledge as well as practical experience. The Proctor would be observing your process and they would let you know whether you could attend the afternoon exam session for the troubleshooting field before the day ends.


New change for CCIE Lab exam

The New CCIE Lab exam would be comprised of eight hours within a day.

  • There are going to be three sections for the lab test.
  • The troubleshooting, the diagnostic, and the configuration.
  • The process of lab examination would be ensuring the evaluations of the capabilities for the understanding of the networking knowledge essence of the candidates.

You would obtain the result of the New CCIE Lab exam within a time span of 48 hours. The failing score would be reporting the incorporation of the details of your mark on the preliminary topic ranges. If you would have cleared your lab exam, you would obtain the pass result without the details of the statement.


Some of the advantages of obtaining Cisco CCIE Certification would be as follows:

  • Network professional possessing CCIE certification gets salary increment within their job field.
  • Increment in growth opportunities.
  • With CCIE Certification, candidates would be able to obtain the practical skills and knowledge in the networking security field.
  • One would obtain an official Cisco certification kit within six to eight weeks of obtaining this Cisco certification.

Career after having Cisco CCIE Certification

A CCIE certified professional would be able to work either of the following profiles with a lucrative salary package offered by MNCs.

  • Information Systems Manager
  • Network Administrator
  • Network Analyst
  • Network Programmer
  • Network Service Technician
  • Network Systems Engineer


You would require the following for scheduling your lab exam:

  • Valid Cisco user account
  • Identification number which you have utilized for registering your written exam.
  • Date of your clearing the written exam
  • Passing score on CCIE written exam

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