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A Unique Way To Spend A Holiday In Thailand

If you have yet to experience the wonders of Thailand, a wonderful experience awaits and if you are a regular visitor to the Land of Smiles, there are many ways that you can enjoy your holiday in this unique part of South East Asia. Perhaps the most popular is a premier beachside resort in the south of Thailand and if you’ve been there and done that, here is our recommended schedule for spending 3 weeks in the tropical paradise of Thailand.


Bangkok (7 Days)

Once your flight lands at the International Airport, your executive car will take you to one of the upmarket boutique hotels, where you can enjoy your favorite cocktail from a rooftop bar that offers the best skyline views of such a beautiful city. You could split the 7 days into two segments; one at the start and another at the end of your holiday, with the latter to include a day’s shopping at Jatuchak Market, where you can buy all of your holiday gifts and souvenirs in a single shop. The Grand Palace is a must-see, while booking an evening dinner cruise along the Chao Phraya River is highly recommended; the beautiful temples are softly illuminated and the buffet menu is a mixture of traditional Thai cuisine and western food and you can return to the delicious food and Thai desserts as many times as you wish!


Pattaya (7 Days)

Located around 3 hours’ drive from Bangkok, Pattaya has long been a favorite destination for resident expats and tourists alike and with boat rental from Simpsons Yacht Charter, you can explore the beautiful islands in that area. Book a 3-4-night yacht cruise and the skipper can show you the best spots for snorkeling and observing the diverse marine life, while the boat will be stocked up with your favorite food and drink. If you love dogs, check out the amazing videos here.


Phuket (7 Days)

The South of Thailand is without doubt the most popular, with the island town of Phuket being a major port where you will find luxury yacht charter that allows you to explore the Andaman Sea. If you dive or snorkel, you will fall in love with the underwater world waiting to be explored and chartering the vessel allows you to stay as long as you wish. You could sail to Koh Samui, another beautiful Thai island which is a firm favorite with tourists and locals alike and take a look at Koh Chang and possibly Koh Tao, the best scuba diving spot of all! While moored off Samui Island, you can enjoy the great discos that the island is famed for and when the sun comes up, head back to your luxury yacht for a rest.

After this, you will certainly want to visit Thailand once more and by dividing your time into 3 sections, you get to see and experience different perspectives of a country that is truly unique.

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