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Top 5 Medical Billing Software That Are Game Changers

According to Investopedia, healthcare facilities use medical billing software to generate and control invoices for the provided services. Such software plays a crucial role in enhancing the medical billing process’s preciseness and speed in healthcare facilities. Your healthcare facility’s medical billing software needs to integrate well with other software like the accounting software that handles payments. However, since there is numerous medical billing software on the market, you need to identify the best to suit your healthcare facility’s needs.

Below are the top five medical billing software that is a game-changer for your health institution.

1. Kareo

Kareo is a simple EHR software that makes the running of an independent healthcare facility easy and rewarding. The software offers a cloud-based platform devoted to meeting your unique needs as an independent medical practitioner. It also helps you find and engage with clients, operate your healthcare facility smoothly, offer enhanced care, and receive payment fast.

From your front office to your back-end billing, the software simplifies how you run your health institution. Contrary to other billing software meant for extensive healthcare facilities, Kareo is purpose-made for handling the unique needs of independent medical practitioners. Consequently, Kareo is one of the top five medical billing software on the market that can be a game-changer in your healthcare facility.


2. WebPT

WebPT is one of the best rehabilitation therapy platforms that can improve your patient’s care and promote growth. The software is perfect for outpatient healthcare facilities of all sizes. Additionally, it allows smooth transitioning from paper-based records or obsolete software to a more user-friendly and cloud-based platform. With WebPT, your health facility’s billers, therapists, front office employees, and directors can access patient records from any geographical location using internet-enabled devices.

Furthermore, WebPT’s cloud-based platform eliminates any considerable upfront investments on expensive in-house servers or IT support. The software offers your health institution an integrated approach to control patient records, billing, and analytical reporting. Therefore, with WebPT, you as a rehabilitation therapist will have a new, intuitive platform that’s perfect for your needs.


3. TherapyNotes

TherapyNotes is one the most popular web-based EHR platforms for behavioral healthcare facilities of all sizes. It has more than 60,000 active users and offers excellent customer support with intuitive software features. For instance, TherapyNotes comes with billing, scheduling, and a custom customer portal. Its streamlined support and security features can assist in optimizing the management of your behavioral practice.

Moreover, the software offers a smooth scheduling and a personal to-do list that generates automated tasks depending on your previous activities. Other features include ERA payment posting, electronic insurance claims, and credit card processing. As such, TherapyNotes is the perfect medical billing software that can be a game-changer for your behavioral healthcare facility.


4. DrChrono

DrChrono consists of several multi-location features, including a customizable EHR and revenue cycle management. The software also has configurable medical forms, scheduling, and e-prescribing features. DrChrono’s iPhone and iPad compatible medical billing and EHR platform enable you to control patient care, clinical charting, billing, and patient intake.


5. CareCloud

CareCloud provides a medical billing, a healthcare suite, and a consulting outlook that’s highly adaptable. It’s also designed to suit your healthcare facility’s needs. With CareCloud, your health institution can decide to outsource all of your medical billing to it or a specific section. In turn, this makes CareCloud one of the most flexible medical billing software.

CareCloud’s pricing strategy is much dependent on a similar approach other medical billing software uses. For instance, your healthcare facility’s size, claims volume, the complexity of your billing process, and specialty are crucial factors that impact pricing. Additionally, pricing is affected by the tiers that your practice chooses. CareCLoud’s price ranges between 3 to 7% of the total collections, a relatively affordable price than other medical billing software in the market.

In the modern work environment, the billing function is an important aspect that plays a crucial role in your organization’s growth. Similarly, in the healthcare industry, billing software is useful in streamlining and offering fast payment processing. Since there are many medical billing software on the market today, you need to select the best to suit your needs. The top five medical billing software that can be game-changers include CareCloud, Kareo, WebPT, DrChrono, and TherapyNotes.

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