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10 Things To Do When You’re Home Alone

Spending a few moments with yourself is utter bliss. When you have no tearing work to submit and no pressing need to do your weekly grocery shopping, when your hound and you are the only two souls at home, it can be your brightest hour. Engage yourself in cooking while wearing earbuds, spring clean your home, make phone calls or chat with long-lost friends, write emails to friends and relatives, look up books and collectibles while surfing the net, sing a song, dream, or do something soul-filling.

Being home and alone can be far from boring if you have some ideas to fill your idle hands and mind. If your partner or roommate has left you home to attend to their urgent task, finding an activity will recharge your mind and keep you busy. Scroll down to know how to spend time when alone to feel happy and occupied.


1.  Call, text, or emoji best friends.

Your parents may not have liked the idea of your phone addiction at odd hours of the day. Shed your worries and make a long hour call to your pool of friends. Discuss over the phone or chat, the newest eatery in town or pub to check out. Plan up for a weekend meeting. Do a video chat with your friends of the opposite sex and let them know your likes and tastes.


2.  Put on your much-loved celebrity look.

If you love to follow up on Madonna or the Beatles band, put on their public look at home. Wear similar-looking attire, put on some fashion accessories and makeup, and do a photoshoot of yours before posting your pictures on your social sites. Your friends will envy and admire you. It will also earn you the likes and loves you aspired for.


3.  Do some spring-cleaning.

If you never found the time to free your crowded almirahs and cupboards, now is the time to do it. Devote your alone time at home cleaning the carpet and behind-wardrobe cobwebs. Dust your shoe rack and places of worship, sanitize and deodorize your bathroom and toilet floor of smell and stink. Clean your garage of untidy mess. Wipe your electronic devices. Arrange your kitchen pots and pans methodically. Rejuvenate your home to cleanliness and neatness.

4.  Jot down diary thoughts.

The best thing about being alone is the quality time you get to think and ponder about your aims, aspirations, debacles, and winning points. In the age of stressful eating, devote your time to writing about the nourishing foods to eat to increase your immunity and resistance power. It will help escape mindless eating. Write about the fruits you need to eat and the junk food items you need to give up.


5.  Play with your pet.

Pets are the coolest and most relaxing buddies to have at home. Yet how much time do you give to them seven days a week? Give your moody pet a nice and warm bath, and cook up a nice broth to fill their tummy. Bond with your furry friend over games and let them do their pointless poking for the fun moments.

6.  Subscribe to an online course or non-professional body.

Use the extra time on your hands to improve your skill set in your interest areas. Photography, dancing, cooking, learning a new language, professional competency course, or a charitable organization, there are many ways to ace your hobby-based learning and skill development. It helps you get the most of your free time and makes you a more informed person.


7.  Use YouTube to learn a handicraft or calligraphy skill.

If you were harboring a wish to become the next generation potter or an artist on canvas but didn’t know how to, now is the time to fulfill it. Log on to YouTube, get your supplies next to you, and learn diverse painting or handicraft art without spending a penny. Continue to practice online learning at home in your free time. It will sharpen your talent and help you explore your creative side.


8.  Cook a meal you were afraid to try.

Who doesn’t love pulling out frozen nuggets from the home refrigerator and cooking them in jiffy time? It’s a nice thought, but it doesn’t bring your cooking skills to the forefront. Spend your home alone hours cooking a soup, cake, or a two-course meal. It will bring out the confidence in you and will help you become more flexible in cooking.


9.  Catch up on sleep.

Doing home and work-related chores and attending to the elderly at home is back-breaking. Allow yourself the comfort of 7-8 hours of sleep you missed out on. Put some aromatic candles, soft toys, and fresh flowers in your bedroom to enhance your nap time. Feed your pet well before going off to sleep.


10.  Catch up on new movies or missed television episodes.

It is difficult to escape the eyes of interfering parents. If you missed out watching your favorite romantic movies or new musical songs, use your alone time at home watching free episodes while eating Edibles canada. Just get your internet connection to download and revisit dreamy stories, cartoon animations, and adventure flicks.



There could be endless ways to use your free time at home. Get the confidence to take up whatever you wish to and work to complete it.

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