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4 Ways To Help You Let Go And Move On

Many people are unlucky enough to have an event or series of events that end up negatively impacting their life. These moments can be hard to move past. You may have a lot of pain and hurt built up from the event that affects your daily life and how you interact with people. But when you are free of whatever was hurting you, it may be time to try and move on and heal. Things may never get to the point that they were before you were hurt, but it can get to a point where you are not reliving the event every day. Below are some ways that can help you to try to begin to let go and move on:

Distance yourself from anyone involved

If it is difficult to be around the people who were involved or even the people who are friends with the person who hurt you, then it might be a good idea to distance yourself from them. It doesn’t have to be forever, but until you can accept what happened, and find the strength to live it.

If the situation was really bad, it is okay to cut those people out of your life completely. You don’t have to keep people around for the benefit of others. You have to do what is best for you.

Talk to somebody

Talking to somebody can be a great way to work through a situation and get an outside opinion on what you should do. It can be difficult to open up, but it can be bad for you to keep all the hurt and fear inside to build up. You might find that when you finally tell someone, you feel a lot better that you don’t have to carry this burden all on your own.

You could talk to your trusted friends or family members, or you could go to a professional, like a therapist.

Take action

When you have taken the time to accept what has happened and talked to somebody about it, you might feel strong enough to take some action. Not every event that hurt you will require the same action. Some will require cutting people out of your life, and some will require you to forgive people.

If the event or person that hurt you and affected your life was more serious, you may require some legal help. Some lawyers and attorneys can help you to bring a case against people who commit illegal and traumatic events against you, including clergy sexual abuse cases. Don’t let yourself be convinced that nobody can help because they can.

Focus on yourself and the present

Once you have found a way to deal with what happened, it is time to focus on yourself and the present. Start with a few positive steps to move forward, no matter how small. The past can be in the past, and you can move forward without it. Be kind to yourself and do things that you enjoy. Build a future where you and your family can be happy and healthy.

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