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5 Top Benefits Of Dry Herb Devices

A vaporizer (also known as a vape device or e-cig) is a special device used to inhale vapors produced by heating e-juices (commonly known as e-liquid). A typical e-cig comprises four parts- a vape tank, atomizer, batteries, and the drip tip.

The vape tank refers to the reservoir tank that holds your vape juice. The atomizer is technically the heating chamber where the e-juice is converted into vapor, ready for inhalation. The battery’s role is to power the device, whereas the drip tip (also known as the mouthpiece) is the part you suck into to draw vapor into your mouth.

Based on the above explanation, it would appear as though all vaporizers utilize e-liquids.  However, certain specialized vape devices allow vapers to consume other vape products, such as wax concentrates and dry herbs, CBD-rich cannabis, and more.

A vaporizer that lets you vape dry herbs is known as a dry herb vaporizer, and this post shall highlight some of the top reasons to have one.

1: Dry herb vaporizers are relatively safe

The first thing to love about dry herb vaporizers is that they’re reasonably safer than conventional vape devices that use e-liquids.

Now, the safety of dry herb vaporizers doesn’t consist of the device itself, but on the products you consume.

It’s common knowledge that one can prepare most dried herbal extracts at home. These products don’t undergo any further processing or refining, which means they’re unlikely to contain any artificial and potentially toxic additives.

With dry herbs, it’s easy to vouch for the safety of the plant extracts used, and any other ingredient added. Therefore, you can go ahead and use dry herb vaporizers without the nagging concerns of developing some of the common side effects triggered by certain e-juice ingredients like propylene glycol.


2: You get to synergize the medicinal benefits of various compounds

Plants like cannabis and kratom are known to produce tons of medically beneficial compounds. But in the process of formulating these plants into vape juices, some essential compounds may get eliminated from the finished product.

For instance, many cannabidiol (CBD) e-juices are manufactured to exclude the psychoactive marijuana compound tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Therefore, these products don’t favor vapers who are craving the euphoric effects of THC.

Thankfully, you can buy marijuana seeds in  USA and cultivate the plants and harvest them upon maturation to prepare dry herbs that feature significant levels of CBD, THC, and other medically beneficial cannabis compounds.

And the same applies to other herbal extracts too. When you vape dry herbs, all the compounds work synergistically to bring about the desired medical and nutritional benefits.


3: There’s no limit to how many herbal extracts you can vape.

Traditionally, many vape juices consisted of nicotine. But due to addiction and other health risks associated with nicotine consumption, industry experts shifted their focus to other medically beneficial herbs like cannabis and kratom.

Well, this was a tremendous turnaround in the vaping industry, only that it didn’t exactly take into consideration the interests of dry herb vapers.

As you shall find, the dry herb vape segment isn’t as vibrant as the e-liquid segment. And although some vape suppliers now stock dry herbs, many traders still focus on the more lucrative e-juice products.

The good news is that with a dry herb vape device, you can consume just about any product, ranging from tobacco and cannabis to kratom, chamomile, mint, green tea, lavender, to mention but a few. You only need to know how to vape these herbs properly and you’re good to go.

4: Dry herb vaporizers are reasonably affordable.

Both dry herb vaporizers and conventional e-cigs that use liquid cartridges require some initial investment to get started. In both cases, you’ll need to purchase a vape device.

However, dry herb vaporizers come out on top in terms of overall affordability, as you won’t necessarily need to buy the herbs. If you already have the plant growing in your backyard and can prepare its extracts for vaping, you’re already sorted.

Even if you must buy dry herbs from your vape supplier, you’ll realize that the prices are reasonably affordable than those of vape juices.

It’s also worth noting that most dry herb vaporizers are considerably cheaper than standard e-juice vape devices. That’s primarily due to their basic and simplistic design. However, be warned that certain dry herb vaporizers can be quite costly, especially if the device is also intended for use with liquid cartridges.


5: You have more control over taste and flavor.

All vape devices offer higher control over taste and flavor, especially for Mouth-to-Lung vapers. However, dry herb vaporizers do you one better as far as optimizing the flavors is concerned.

The fact that the herbal extracts used haven’t been further refined makes them more efficient at exuding their natural flavors.

So, fruity dry herbs will indeed smell and taste better.

Using dry herbs, you can experiment with all the distinctive flavors in your vape product. This is mainly instrumental when you’ll be shopping for prepackaged e-juices based on their tastes.


There are numerous reasons to consider dry herb vaporizers. The best part is that, like all vape devices, dry herb vaporizers deliver the plant extracts’ medical benefits straight into your system.

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