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The Evening Post: How Dollar General Really Keeps Their Prices So Low

From YouTube channel Mashed, the prices at Dollar General are often twenty to forty percent lower than what you see at grocery stores and drugstores. Wonderful, but how do they do it? […]

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The Evening Post: Dollar General’s Business Is Booming. It’s Also Vulnerable To Crime

So, Dollar General is quickly becoming a crime magnet, who would have funked it.  Dollar General is one of the fastest growing discount chains in the country.  But its ultra low-cost business […]

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Learn Why Dollar General Is So Successful

They are everywhere, and you can find many of your everyday products in them.  Dollar General has been growing rapidly across America, and you can find them much closer to your home […]

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The Evening Post: Dollar General Is Out Of Control

Yeah, Dollar General is popping up literally everywhere.  It’s A Southern Thing talks about the overboard of Dollar General’s.  Ever wondered why Dollar General has so many stores?  Yeah, me too. Rate […]

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Alabama Severe Weather Preparedness Sales Tax Holiday 2014

Last night, parts of Alabama had damage from severe weather.  The most serious damage came from Fort Payne where a EF2 tornado caused damage to parts of town.  This damage might be […]

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