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The Only Skin Insurance You Need: Essential Oils

We experiment with a number of creams in our daily lives just to make our skin better. It is said and proven that the magic which is done by a natural substance is zero in comparison with the artificial ones. In context to the same let’s discuss essential oils which are highly in demand nowadays due to their surprisingly effective results.

Essential oils are used for a range of skincare problems with their anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and relaxing properties. Although there is ongoing research into the effectiveness of essentials, advocates suggest oils can improve skin that is dry, oily, and acne-prone which is why many people opt to for it because of the effect.


Below mentioned are some essential oils based on different plants with their benefits mentioned:


  • Lavender oil

This is a multipurpose oil which does many wonders, from helping to sleep and relax it also helps you to maintain moisture levels in your skin.  It’s a redness-reducing anti-inflammatory and a natural hydrator that can fix dry skin without making it too greasy.


  • Chamomile oil

“Azulene”, known for increasing moisture and reducing inflammation, is found in Chamomile oil. However, if you have ragweed allergies, you may want to avoid it as chamomile may be a cause.


  • Rosemary oil

The anti-inflammatory, relaxing, and analgesic properties of rosemary oil are notable. Its main ingredients, such as esters, can help to keep out excess sebum. Researchers have actually noticed that both greasy hair and dandruff may benefit, and may even promote hair growth. So girls get ready to rock!


  • Colorado Hemp oil

The rich composition which is around 80-90% has polyunsaturated fatty acids in hemp oil has made it a perfect cure for the treatment of dermatological problems such as eczema. Using full spectrum hemp oil has proven results indicating relief when there is itching and dryness of the skin.

How to apply? After thorough washing of the skin, massage the infected areas with a few drops of colorado hemp oil in the morning and evening.


  • Lemon oil

Lemon oil can help combat inflammation and free radicals that can lead to acne and photoaging, obtained from the peel of citrus fruit.


  • Cinnamon

Thanks to main antioxidant compounds such as cinnamic acid, cinnamon essential oil are also considered a potent anti-inflammatory. This may help with the symptoms of inflammatory acne, such as cysts, nodules, and pustules.


  • Tea tree

Tea tree oil is one of the best antiseptics as alternative medicine. It helps combat inflammation and bacteria, all of which may lead to acne breakouts.


  • Peppermint

The benefits of peppermint oil may also apply to the wellbeing of the skin. An analgesic effect on the skin is given by the naturally made menthol material. Hot rashes are also cooling down.


  • Eucalyptuses

Another oil known for its pain-relieving properties is Eucalyptus. It may also provide moisture for skin rashes that are itchy and painful.

Using these oils a great option than choosing artificial creams and other products which are made including chemicals in them.

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