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Home-Made E-Liquids: A Guide To Mixing Your Perfect Juice

Making your E-Liquids has many advantages, like choosing your favorite flavors and mixing them up however you want. You can also make your vape juice with no nicotine if that’s the way you prefer it.

The important thing is that it’s easy, cost-effective, and gives you a sense of involvement in the process. Additionally, it lets you experiment with flavors to your heart’s desire, and that can be a lot of fun.

Below, you can find a guide to getting started with your mixing, a couple of notes on stuff you will need, and the necessary information to get the perfect home-made E-Liquid.



You will need some basic supplies to get you on the way to creating the E-Liquid you imagined. As for the equipment you need for the actual mixing, you are going to need:

  • a beaker in which you can mix your liquids;
  • some pipettes and syringes;
  • a glass container (preferably a bottle) where you can store your finished product;
  • protective gloves – if you are going to be handling nicotine;


As for the components you will be using, there are only a couple of things:

  • PG – Propylene Glycol, the liquid that carries the flavors in your mix;
  • VG – Vegetable Glycerine, which will thicken your liquid and provide the vapor;
  • Flavor Concentrates – the flavored liquid of your choosing;
  • Nicotine – if you are going to be using it (the 3mg variety is most common);

Once you have everything you need, you can move on with the next step.


Choose Your Flavor

E-Liquid flavors’ choices are practically endless, so decide what kind of flavor you would like to make. What you should decide on is what the potency of the flavor will be, what you want the strength of the overall E-Liquid to be, and of course, the taste you are hoping to get out of it.


There is an astounding number of recipes online that you can follow or simply draw your inspiration from to get what you want out of the end product. Don’t be afraid to experiment and mix the flavors you maybe haven’t seen mixed before; you might get a pleasant surprise.



The first step is to determine what PG/VG ratio you are going to be using. It’s entirely up to your liking, and you can always make the first batch half & half in a smaller amount and then adjust it to your preference later.

Decide what amount of E-Liquid you are going to be making, and get your materials ready.

Be aware that the flavor concentrate should only comprise 5-15% percent of the total amount of liquid.

Pour in the desired amount of flavor concentrate into your beaker using a syringe. Make sure to use different syringes for different flavors or clean the one you are using in between them.

Follow that up with the pre-measured amount of PG, and then VG as well, and give it a good mix. If you are going to be adding nicotine, add it at this point. Make sure to wear protective gloves when handling it, as it can be absorbed through your skin.

Give it another good mix, and transfer your liquid to the glass bottle you have ready. Close the bottle and give it one last shake.


End Product

The bottle with your newly made E-Liquid will need to be steeped. To do that, store the bottle in a dark and cold place and leave it to sit for 3-4 days. Some prefer to keep it in a refrigerator, but it isn’t necessary.

This is also why it’s much better to use a glass bottle instead of the plastic one. With a plastic bottle, there is a chance some of the chemicals from the plastic could end up in your vape juice, and nobody wants that.

Stir it occasionally in the steeping period, and in around four days, your home-made E-Liquid will be done and ready for vaping. Test it out, make sure it’s to your liking, and take notes on what you could do to improve it in the next batch.


In Conclusion

Making your E-Liquid can be very fun and fulfilling, and it’s a very casual hobby you can take up. You can get creative with the flavors as much as you want and even share it with your friends if you make an especially good juice.

Remember to use all necessary safety precautions, and as the saying goes – measure twice, cut only once. In no time, you will have an E-Liquid made to your preference and taste only.

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