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Printable Escape Room Kits For Kids – How To Jump In?

Do you want to have a live, fun, and educational adventure with your kids? Or your friends? Well, then you have to try and embrace the new trend, printable escape room kits. They offer a great activity for your kids, but also a way to learn new things and train the brain. Full of puzzles, riddles, and challenges, these kits help you entertain the entire family.

How do they work? Well, same as regular escape rooms. You and your kids get locked in a room, and you have to find a way out. The only way for a way out is to solve the puzzles. In a room full of words, numbers, pictures, phrases, and much more, you have to find clues and finish tasks to get out.

Escape rooms are part games, and part team-building experience. In the past several years, they took off around the world. Nobody can deny their explosive popularity. Let’s take a look at the history of escape rooms, their benefits, and how can you make one at the convenience of your home.


History of Escape Rooms

Escape rooms are a rather new experience. The concept started in Japan and then arrived in the US in 2012. By 2020, they made their way into the mainstream entertainment business. Even big companies embrace them.

For example, the studio behind Mission: Impossible, rented escape rooms for fans and helped them learn how to work as IMF agents.

In most rooms, clues lead to a physical key. But the story is what keeps you in the room. Business owners find inspiration in everything for their escape room. From comics to movies, and real events in history. Sometimes, you even have to solve an everyday, daily life situation.

As more people look for a new type of experience and adventure, escape rooms are making their way around the world. As of November 2020, there are more than 10,000 escape rooms operating around the world.

Small businesses dominate the landscape. Each business operates one or up to a few rooms in a single city or region. Many enthusiasts get hook up on escape rooms, and then start their own business.


How Escape Room Kits Work

We talked about escape rooms, but not all of us can find an escape room in their city. Even though these venues and businesses grow by the day, they still do not cover every city in the US, let alone the world. That is why we also see a rise in escape room kits.

These kits help you stimulate an escape room experience for your kids at the convenience of your own home. Printable kits transform your house into a themed escape room. The kits are perfect for a birthday party, or just for having fun with friends and their kids.

You can set the difficulty, and customize the game. Setting up the game is easy. You just download and print the clues. You can print on normal paper as well. But that way, you do not get the nice glossy look.

Before the party starts, you follow the step by step instructions to place the clues around the home. Most escape room games, like Houdini escape room kit, offer two ways to play the game. You can play as the game master, and guide your kids through the game. Or, you can join the game and have fun with them.

The game has a 60-minute ticking clock, adding a suspense element to the party. And as the clock ticks, adrenaline rushes in. But sometimes, you can solve the game before the 60-minute limit.


Why Escape Rooms for Kids

First and foremost, escape rooms for kids are fun. They provide loads of fun and entertainment for your kids. But beyond laughter, they help your kids train their brains and work together as a team. Nobody can solve the puzzles on their own, no matter how smart they are. Escape rooms require a group of people working as a team to win.

We now live in the digital era. Kids spend more and more time in front of a computer or a cell phone screen. They stare at games like Fortnite. We can agree that a sedentary lifestyle is not ideal for the proper growth and development of kids. They need activity, both for their body and their brain. Here are some of the biggest benefits of playing escape rooms like the Houdini escape room kit.


Provides brain exercise

Do you think solving puzzles is easy? Well, think again. Yes, escape rooms come with different difficulties. Some are easier than others. But in both cases, solving puzzles and searching for clues helps you exercise your brain.

The challenge requires critical thinking. Sometimes, even adults cannot solve the puzzle.



We said before, nobody can solve the escape room on his/her own. You need a team. And during the game, you have to communicate and work as a team.

This helps kids learn a new way of thinking. It is no longer my way of thinking, they start thinking as a team. It also helps kids learn to work as a group and feel good about “being part of the team”.

More importantly, communication helps your kids socialize and strengthen their friendships.


Builds confidence

Whenever you win in life, you feel confident about yourself. And while escape rooms are challenging, at the end of the day, you should get out and solve the puzzles.

And even if your kids cannot finish all the puzzles, they will get a fair shot. Solving puzzles makes them feel good about themselves. It is the same as winning in sports. But unlike sports, there are far more winners here.


Encourage abstract thinking

There is no way to solve the puzzles if you have narrow thinking. Escape rooms encourage you and your kids to think outside of the box. Yes, some clues are obvious and easy to spot. But others are not.

The challenges will help your kid keep an open mind about everything. And they will think abstractly and critically.


Improve their math and English skills

There is an underrated element and benefit of playing escape rooms. Puzzles usually involve things like word puzzles and calculating number codes. They provide an excellent opportunity for your kids to improve their skills in a fun and entertaining way.

Escape rooms provide a platform for kids to engage with something interactive. It makes learning engaging and exciting.


Broaden their interest

Sometimes, escape rooms can act as supporting subjects within the curriculum among students. Students, but also kids, can discover topics through escape rooms. We said before, these venues find inspiration in everything, from historic events to everyday life situations.


Provide loads of fun

At the end of the day, it is all about fun and entertainment. You want your kids to have a good time. Escape room kids help provide positive memories and experiences.

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