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How To Help The Elderly During A Pandemic

We have all been struggling during the pandemic. Life is completely out of the ordinary and there are fewer things to look forward to. However, the pandemic is especially hard for the elderly. They are at higher risk of getting life-threatening symptoms from the virus, which means that they are encouraged to stay indoors at all costs. This can be isolating and lonely.

Whether you have an elderly relative or you’re concerned about a neighbor, there are certain acts we can all do to help the elderly at this difficult time. Here are some ways you can do your bit.



As elderly people are being encouraged to stay indoors, they might struggle to get groceries or other essential supplies. This can be especially difficult if an elderly person has an illness or disability (did you know that if they are disabled due to military service, they may be entitled to VA disability compensation? If they are a veteran, speak to them about this VA calculator to help them find out more. No one should suffer in silence). If you can get out and about, why not help an elderly member of the community by doing their grocery shopping for them? If you leave it on the doorstep you won’t need to worry about passing on any germs.


Social interaction

This can be an isolating and upsetting time for elderly people, many of whom already have limited social interactions in normal times. Some elderly people might find themselves alone in their homes for weeks on end without speaking to another human being. While you can’t go into someone else’s home right now, you can still communicate with an elderly person by speaking to them over the phone – or even standing outside their house and having a chat through the window. A quick five-minute conversation could make someone’s day – or week. And it doesn’t cost a thing.


Check in

This is a worrying time for all of us, and many people’s mental health is struggling. It’s no different for elderly people. While an elderly person might seem physically fit and healthy, their mental health might be totally different. So, make sure to check in every now and then and see how they’re doing. If an elderly person is struggling with their mental health, they may need to speak to a doctor or therapist.


Wash your hands

How does washing your hands help an elderly person? If we all pay attention to our hygiene during the pandemic, there’s a lesser risk of spreading the virus. And, as risks become reduced, elderly people will able to be more active members of the community again. So, while it might not seem like a lot, washing your hands, wearing a mask and keeping a social distance will drastically help an elderly person. The quicker they can be out and about again, the happier and healthier they will be.

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