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The Rising Popularity Of Cosplay And Geek Chic

Comic book and fan conventions are rising in popularity, with Alabama-based convention Mobicon seeing a regular 1,000-1,200 visitors every year. In fact, 84% of geeks report that people regularly ask them for advice, showing that nerds are now the trendsetters of the world.


Cosplay is a way to find a connection with the characters in your favorite show, comic book or video game, but how did it get so popular? And what male fashion items can easily be integrated into your costume?

It All Started In The ‘90s

Cosplay had a surge in popularity in the ‘90s, with Americans embracing Japanese anime and manga. The action genre was the most popular, likely due to the number of male viewers in college. Dress-up has always been popular, but was usually attached to an event like a masquerade ball, Halloween or a costume party. According to SyFy Wire, the first cosplay fan convention was the sci-fi event Worldcon in 1939, an event which is still running. The rise in comic book movies and TV shows has contributed to the popularity of cosplay in recent years, with many escaping the real world to become their favorite hero.

Major Influencers

Many celebrities have embraced the geek culture and are often seen at Halloween parties dressed up in elaborate outfits. However, some have always engaged in geekdom – even hardened action stars like Vin Diesel. His love of Dungeons and Dragons has been well documented, and he even has tattoos of his character name, meaning he is almost permanently in cosplay. Eminem is known to have a large collection of comic books, including some extremely rare editions. The original genie Robin Williams was an avid gamer and fan of anime. Ranker reports that Leonardo DiCaprio collects action figures, including those from He-Man and Star Wars. Geeks are no longer uncool, which has helped to bring cosplay into the mainstream.

Making Your Costume

Comic Con attracts an average of 130,000 visitors per year, making it the biggest fan convention in the world. Many visitors still make their own costumes, often learning how to do so at other conventions like Mobicon. Shopping more intelligently and frugally can be an easy way to make your costume ahead of the next convention, and will allow you to use accessories for other occasions. Black oversized glasses or square designs in the style of Clark Kent are popular, with some of the biggest fashion houses adding them to their collections. Grab your dark gray winter coat, add a scarf, and say hello to the modern-day Sherlock. Alternatively, grab your favorite Spiderman hoodie and team it with some red corduroys to create a comfortable costume for days when you don’t feel like wearing spandex. Getting creative is part of the fun of cosplay, so don’t be afraid to use items in your wardrobe.

The rise in popularity in cosplay has been linked to a possible need for escapism from the modern world. However, this type of escapism connects many people from all over the world, which is likely to be the real reason that so many people enjoy cosplay.

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