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5 Amazing Digital Marketing Opportunities For CBD Brands In 2020

Regardless of the fierce competition, the CBD market is growing and shows no sign of decline. However, the moment you begin your CBD marketing initiatives, it turns into a different ball game, especially when it comes to online marketing.

Why? Major ad platforms including Google Ads, Facebook, and Instagram Ads restrict CBD brands from advertising their products. Since these are the top leading advertising platforms in the world, it becomes almost impossible to market your product and make headway in the CBD industry.

However, all hope isn’t lost. This article presents five tested and approved ways to advertise your CBD brands to get the sales you need. With these five steps, you will improve your online visibility, gain traction, and, most importantly, get loyal customers.

Let’s dive right in.


1.          Concentrate on Brand Loyalty

Most CBD brands have not utilized the real potential of brand loyalty. There are, however, two key factors to remember: brand loyalty and customer loyalty.

When you attain brand loyalty, you’ll need less effort to maintain your customers as long as your product retains its quality. With customer loyalty, you need to put in more effort, such as promotions, incentives, creating a community or loyalty programs, and many more.

With continuous effort, new and existing customers will stick to your CBD brand. When this happens, you’ve won the battle in their minds, as long as you keep delivering as expected. Here’s proof to show what this means:

So, invest a considerable amount of time into converting existing and new customers into true fans. By doing so, you won’t need to worry so much about sales.


2.          Educate Customers on CBD

One of the most vital parts of your CBD marketing strategy is educating your consumers. There are many wrong impressions when it comes to cannabis and not being strategic with your marketing approach can cause more harm than good. That’s where you come in.

Create informative guides and materials to educate people on how CBD can help them, especially those who seem interested but don’t have an in-depth understanding of the product. It can also help individuals having misconceptions about your product to gain clarity and hopefully become loyal customers.


3.          Advertise Pain Points, Not Products

Your CBD product was developed to solve a particular problem for your potential consumers. Focus on such pain points, not only the products. For example, If a brand like NuLeaf Naturals has a CBD product that focuses on pain relief, talk more on the pain and how your product can help with the pain.

Are there any health benefits? Explore such areas and show how your CBD product is the best choice. In other words, do your marketing about lifestyle solutions. Develop content that appeals to a specific target audience.

You can also integrate powerful research from sources such as healthcare, climate change, and social injustice into your CBD marketing. However, ensure that it’s in line with your brand dentity so your messages can resonate with prospects who share similar values. Through that, they will be willing to patronize your products and become repeat customers.


4.          Engage Your CBD Customers

There are several ways to engage your customers. You have to use a platform that works well for your brand strategically. However, some platforms are must-haves, such as a quality website and active social media accounts.

You can create quality content around CBDs and use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to improve your visibility online. You can share the content on your social media platforms to drive engagement as well.

The content should invite people into your community, ask questions, respond to comments, and discuss what’s relevant to them. When it comes to content, both the website and social media should aim for quality, not quantity.

However, you should not proceed if you don’t have a good content strategy. If possible, hire SEOs or social media experts to help you build reputable platforms online. As you develop these platforms, you can convert traffic into first-time buyers and then loyal customers.


5.          Build Your CBD Credibility

Customers will not stick with brands they don’t trust. That’s why credibility is crucial in your marketing strategy. That’s because your brand perception is what customers believe your products represent. If one customer develops a bad impression of your product, it can spread to other people and it can profoundly affect your CBD brand.

Here are some ways to implement brand credibility:

  • Always respond to customer reviews and testimonials, whether good or bad.
  • Your website should be user-friendly, mobile-friendly, highly secured, and have an appealing design.
  • Make it very simple for customers to reach you. It could be via live chat, emails, customer support, etc.
  • If your brand is brick-and-mortar, consider creating Google My Business Ensure that you complete all your profiles.
  • Use social media analytics to know whether you are gaining followers or not. Use other metrics to understand where your engagement is increasing or declining and make necessary adjustments.

Implementing all these digital marketing strategies and focusing on your CBD brand might be a lot to take in. That’s why you need assistance to help you build a reputable brand.



You can utilize the power of social media and the internet to grow your brand. But it would help if you take precautionary measures while doing so.

Since big names such as Google Ad Words prohibits CBD advertisements, use the steps outlined in this guide to promote your CBD brand. Focus on building brand loyalty, use quality content, and social media platforms to drive more sales.

If you need any help, social media experts and SEO professionals are ever ready to help. Together, you can take your business to the next level by leveraging these five amazing digital marketing opportunities for CBD brands in 2020.

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