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Future Transportation Trends That Will Change Our Roads And Skies

The future of transportation promises big changes to our roads, seas and skies. Rapidly evolving technology, such as autonomous vehicles and air taxis, will aim to improve the speed, safety and efficiency of travel today.

With these sweeping changes comes new challenges around regulation and laws. Today, car manufacturers are trying to answer who will be at fault when a self-driving vehicle crashes: will it be the car owner or the car manufacturer? Who will cover the cost of these crashes when the robot is responsible, will it be car insurance companies or someone else?

The labor force will also be impacted by new transportation technology. In addition to the automation of factories and production, autonomous trucks and ships could replace human logistics labor with robots. One recent study predicts that 294,000 truck drivers are at risk for losing their jobs over the next 25 years.

While there are big questions to answer around future transportation, the future is full of exciting and innovative solutions. And some of these changes may disrupt our lives soon: it won’t be long until drones complete the last mile of delivery for our Amazon packages, after all.

This animated visual from The Zebra details the up-and-coming future transportation headed our way.

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How Transportation is Transforming Our Roads and Skies

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