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Tips In Finding The Beach Holidays In Australia

There was a time when people used to go out on a holiday to a nearby destination. However, those days have become a thing of the past. In this modern era, you will find people travelling to far off corners of the globe to enjoy themselves with their family or friends. One of the hottest holiday destinations for the people of the world is Australia. Apart from being the sixth largest country in the world, Australia is also the largest island continent. It has a pretty long coastline that covers around 25000km. Australia is surrounded by thousands of islands and it is also the home to significant reef systems. This includes the Great Barrier Roof that stretches to around 1200km.


Suitable Beach Holidays in Australia

If you decide to spend a few days in Australia, you will find several interesting things to do in the country around the beach. Some of the experiences that you can enjoy with your family or friends around the Australian beaches are described below.

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  • Signature Seal Bay Experience: Seal Bay is the home to the third largest colony of Australian sea lions. It is led by a naturalist guide and the excursion itself will provide you with a lovely opportunity to walk along the beach while observing the wild seals from a distance. You will come to know about their unique breeding cycle and the various ongoing research programs that are conducted on the site itself.


  • Admirals Arch: This is situated within the Flinders Chase National Park in Australia. It happens to be a lovely coastal archway that is sculptured by the sea and wind. You will find hundreds New Zealand fur seals playing on the shore platform.


  • Reef Explorations: When it comes to reef explorations, you certainly cannot avoid visiting Lord Howe Island. It also happens to be the home to the world’s southern-most coral reef. Lord Howe Island is protected by marine reserves and it also harbors a kaleidoscope of turtles, tropical fishes, and different types of marine invertebrates that will surely make your snorkeling and diving adventures really fun and exciting. You will also find migrating humpback whales and dolphins in the surrounding seas.


  • Expedition to Balls Pyramid: A spectacular 550m spearhead of grey basalt that explodes from the ocean is located barely 23km away from Lord Howe Island. It also happens to be the world’s largest sea stack and is the home to some extraordinary birdlife. The water that surrounds the Balls Pyramid is also teeming with different types of marine life. The location also supports the last known wild population of the rarest insect in the world known as the Lord Howe Island Phasmid.


  • Whitehaven Beach Ocean Swim: It is one of the country’s most iconic and pristine beaches which is also the location for an ocean swim even. Whitehaven Beach houses an annual ocean swim eve that stretches to 2.75km. If you love to swim in the open waters, then tis location will be a great spot for your next holiday.
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