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5 Things to Do If You Are Involved In A Car Accident

Car accidents are among the leading causes of preventable injuries and death, both in America and worldwide. Unfortunately, no matter how defensive your driving skills are, an accident could always happen at any time without warning.


You must know the steps to take when you are involved in an accident. Are you familiar with these steps? If not, here is a list of steps you should remember.

  • Stay on the scene or close by

Your judgment may be clouded after an accident, and leaving the scene might be the first thing that comes to mind. It is better to stay a safe distance away to escape unpredictable events likely to occur, like gas leakage, causing an explosion. Call 911 and wait for assistance to arrive. The police will note down information about everything you remember concerning the collision. Also, ensure that you have insurance coverage, as it will be vital for your insurance claims.

  • Provide your statement

When providing your statement, do not try to make up facts, jump to conclusions concerning what happened, or withhold information. Doing any of these could go against you after the investigation. Be clear about the things you do not remember and avoid speculations. Also, ensure that the other party also provides their statement. If possible, ensure that the events documented are accurate before leaving the scene.  

  • Seek medical help

If your insurance provider does not demand an immediate report after the incident, you should first seek medical care. Usually, medical officers are among the first respondents on a crash scene. Therefore, they will provide you all the necessary medical examinations and first aid treatment. If you need extra medical assistance, you will be taken to the closest medical facility. Ensure that you compile every medical bill, receipt, and any other important document, as you may need them to claim your insurance.

  • Report to your insurance provider

Take note of everything that happens, as much as you can, and report them to your insurance company. Depending on the policies your insurance provider has, you may need to report immediately after the accident. If your insurance covers your medical expenses, you may need to go along with all your medical bills to cut down your costs. 

  • Seek legal help

You will need a legal defense of all criminal charges if charges are brought your way. Your lawyers will provide you with all the legal assistance you need not only to defend the charges but also to claim damages when you are not the defendant. They may also help you to fast-track the insurance claim process. Your lawyers will play a crucial role in ensuring that you receive every payment due to you on time and in full.

Another good reason you should see an attorney is to help clear you of any wrongdoing. Unfortunately, if anyone with you lost their lives, your lawyers will provide you with legal help on wrongful death. Regardless of who may have caused the accident, the assistance of a lawyer is significant.

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