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Here Are Tips For A Mechanic’s Lien In Alabama

If you ever visit a construction site, you will notice numerous people working together towards a common goal of constructing a building for either residential or commercial causes. However, it is often seen that different people involved in a construction project, such as contractors, sub-contractors and suppliers are not paid their dues either on time or never at all. This is where a mechanic’s lien steps in the picture.

An Alabama mechanic’s lien is a legal document that basically reserves the right of a filer towards any unpaid compensation. These legal documents are normally filed by contractors, sub-contractors, and ever supplier who have never received any payment for their work or contribution towards a construction project. Their contribution may either be in the form of performing actual work or supplying raw materials.


Tips for Filing a Mechanic’s Lien in Alabama

If you are a contractor or even a sub-contractor, you can easily file a mechanic’s lien on your own. However, you need to do it the right way. Here are some tips that can help you with the filing process of the legal document.


  • Go Through the Guide: When it comes to filing a mechanic’s lien in the state of Alabama, you need to, first of all, qualify to file the legal document. You will have to send some notices, understand the mechanic’s lien form in Alabama carefully, and also deliver the lien to the county recorder’s office properly.


  • Use the Correct Form: When you wish to file a claim in Alabama, you will have to start off by getting a blank copy of a mechanic’s lien form. These forms are designed to meet the requirements of the laws pertaining to the mechanic’s lien in Alabama. You need to remember that the statutes with regards to the formatting and language needed in a lien claim document in the state of Alabama is very specific.


  • Fill the Form Properly: When it comes to filling up the lien form, the job can prove to be a tricky one. A single mistake while filling up the form can render the form invalid. The information that you mention on the form needs to be 100% accurate, which also includes the official business names of every party, the claim amount, and the description of the property in question. it will be a good thing to review every detail as many times as possible.


  • File the Lien: Once you have properly and carefully filled up the form, your next job is to file the completed form with the office of the recorder in the Alabama County, where the property in question is also situated. You need to pay the recording fee while filing the lien.

Once you have successfully filed the mechanic’s lien, you need to remember that such a lien does not last forever. After getting paid, you need to release the lien. However, if you still do not get paid after filing the lien, you may have to enforce it. You will have to file an enforcement action before the expiry of the deadline.

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