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Tips On How To Create A Smart Home

Thinking about turning your home into a smart home can be quite overwhelming. If you go down the route of buying a wireless hub and then choosing appliances which will connect into that hub, it can be expensive and require a fair bit of planning. Luckily, there are a multitude of smart products for your home that don’t require a wireless hub to operate, as they communicate with your phone or other smart device directly through your wifi router.

All you need to do is make sure that you have a good quality wifi router, and then think about which products will bring the most value to your life. Here are some useful suggestions:

Smart thermostat

Smart thermostats are one of the best value products you can buy for your smart home. Not only do they give you greater control over the temperature for your comfort, they can help reduce your energy bills as well.

Smart thermostats allow you to place multiple thermostat sensors in the home, so that your heating level isn’t based on that single inexplicably cold spot where your traditional thermostat is! They also allow you to control the temperature of your home from your mobile phone, so on a cold day you can make sure that your home is nice and toasty by the time you get in. You can also stop the kids from switching the heating on instead of putting on a jumper!


Security is another area that can really benefit from smart technology. Smart technology connects you to your home remotely and means that you can see exactly what is happening from your mobile phone or tablet. Video doorbells in particular are a great investment as they serve two purposes in one. The first is actually as a doorbell. If you are out at work and the UPS delivery driver rings your bell, you can not only see them through your phone but you can talk to them too, which allows you to leave instructions and not miss deliveries.

The second is as a security camera. You can opt to receive a notification whenever anything is in range of the camera, so you can see exactly what is happening around your house while you are not there. The video doorbells offered by have a model where the camera is only focused on the area around your front door, and a model where you can have multiple cameras around your property in case you are worried about a problem area away from the front door.


Wireless sound systems have become increasingly popular over the past few years, and it’s not difficult to see why. They allow you to play your favorite music with just a voice command, in any room of your home. You can even continue listening when you go out to your car so if you are listening to your favorite audiobook you don’t need to lose your place.

Smart lighting

Not only does it allow you to save energy, smart lighting also means you can control the light in your home with your voice or with your phone. Perfect for when you’ve been reading in bed at night and need to turn out the light, without that awkward walk back to bed in the dark while hoping you don’t trip over anything!

Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors

Smart smoke and carbon monoxide detectors can be set up to automatically alert the authorities of a problem in your home, and also to alert you and any other nominated contacts. This is great for peace of mind while you are out of the house, and also for an additional layer of safety because it means in the case of an emergency if you were unconscious someone else would know that you were in trouble.

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